A Slight Disturbance

I was slightly disturbed by a documentary I watched with my sister today.  It shocked me to the core to see the criminal behaviour of some young people, but more than that, I could not believe the young age that some of them where when they entered into a life of crime.

What confuses me is that young people in gangs demand respect, but they are in fact lacking respect.  I believe that in order to gain respect, you have to earn it and these individuals have done nothing to earn it.  In fact, they just continue to prove why do not deserve an element of respect.

Some young people are out of control, while others appear to be bored or desperate to be a part of something.  However, society, the system and some of these young people’s parents have a lot to answer for.  I do not understand how the police could have said that an individual needs to actually commit a crime and hurt someone before they can arrest them.  What is the point of that?

Steps must to be taken and a lot more needs to be done to help young people and prevent further escalation in gang and violent crimes.  I do not want to be living in a world full of terrorising children and disrespectful individuals; it doesn’t bear thinking about.

I was slightly disturbed today, but I hope that we can find a way to make things better, because I love young people.


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