A Series of Expressive Paintings

This is the series of expressive paintings I created on one of my dark days, during a tough time in my life.  Although I have been able to get past it and my feelings are a lot more positive, I will always treasure these paintings, because of the raw emotion I was able to express through art.

The Anger Burns Within Me...

Not Good Enough

Feeling Lost... God will help you find your way

Don't Fit In

Constantly Rejected, Like I'll Never Be Given a Chance


  1. stay strong.. it is good to see you have acceptance of a time when you were on a path that had you knowing how raw emotion can be.. bravo.. God bless

      1. You’re very welcome! It’s good to hear that you ar ein a much better place xx

  2. I am so angry for those who diminish my honest quest to love everyone I can, and when they seem purely evil, I wonder if I must destroy. I have never been good enough to love and I stand on the sidelines waiting for a cause. Because I am profoundly lost I wonder if I should strike out to send up a rescue flare into the sky. But if I don’t fit anywhere who would come? Every scream of mine is rejected because it doesn’t sound like a song.

  3. These paintings are saying a lot. I wish I could have expressed myself this way when I was suffering with depression. I enjoyed looking at them. I have never seen this type of expression before. God bless you!

  4. Emotions like these and your progress moving on from them are proof of the mighty power of Jesus Christ. Keep painting.

    1. Thank you, I appreciate your beautiful words. If I can be inspiration to at least one person, then I will be extremely happy because it means that I have done something right.

      1. Shaniqua, I can guarantee you that you have been an inspiration to more than just one person. You are living for Christ and that’s doing something right! 🙂 I can empathize with you through your struggles. Every painting of yours fits right in to how I have felt too. The world is so broken and full of these kinds of negative thoughts. I am so glad to hear that you have made it though and you are thinking more positive. Praying for you, and thank you for sharing!

      2. Thank you so much for your kind words, they really do mean a lot. It always makes me feel better to know that I am inspiring someone and that others can empathise me. I appreciate your prayers.

  5. Love the paintings. Self-expression is important whether it is through words or art, etc. I pray that you find your way to someone who appreciates, loves and respects you. God has handpicked someone for you. You will know what I mean when you meet him. Don’t settle for less.

  6. It takes a lot to show your weaker side with such ease dear. You’re stronger than many who go through similar emotions but find it difficult to muster up enough courage to pen it down.

    Good luck, stay good and stay blessed.

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