Why cutting benefits is not the solution for youth unemployment

This is a piece that means a lot to me, as an unemployed young person who is striving to reach my dream job role. Cutting benefits really is not the answer to youth unemployment – it’s one of the worst possible things to do.

Although reported youth unemployment figures have decreased over the past two years, it is a recurring problem that needs to be effectively addressed.  The Conservatives are continuously making cuts, that not only affect young people but also wider society, and they now want to cut benefits for unemployed 18 to 21-year-olds.

These cuts could have a seriously negative effect on young people who are unable to find a job after a certain period of time, resulting in a struggle to meet their needs and perhaps leading to poverty.  Not all young people find work with ease, even those with university qualifications.  Cutting their benefits will not necessarily reduce youth unemployment, but rather increase poverty, with the possibility of pushing charities to the brink.

There is also the problem of young people being forced to work in “low rate” jobs for very little pay, as these are the…

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