Drained and Demotivated

I have been feeling tired all the time and extremely drained recently, which isn’t exactly new to me, but it isn’t a nice feeling either.  I’m starting to wonder if my blood and/or iron count is low again, because I haven’t felt this tired in a long time.

The tiredness is bad and a lot of it is down to me, because of the silly hours that I go to bed, the messy bedtime patterns and my current lack of exercise.  However, feeling this tired all the time simply isn’t healthy and it’s having a knock-on effect on how I spend my times.

I struggle to get up in the morning, because I want to close my eyes again and not wake up for a week.  I spend my time trying my hardest to concentrate and keep my eyes open, because all I want to do is go back to my bed and sleep.  I lack the motivation to carry out my various tasks, because I feel drained and then I just don’t feel in the mood.

I wasn’t even in the mood to write anything today and I’ve been trying to avoid writing, even though it is what I love and it is what I need to do if I want a successful career.  Part of it is because I have been going out for long periods of time in the day, but I can’t make that excuse when I embark on my career.

I hate feeling this way, because I don’t want to be walking around with dark drooping eyes or low energy.  I don’t want to be demotivated, because my writing and my plans are important to me, although I sometimes need a push from people around me, as I’m doing all of this on my own.

I just need to keep praying for temperance, get more sleep, exercise regularly and really push myself, because I have big plans and I want to see them through.  Even if I can’t do it on my own, I know my God will get me through this.


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