A Real Cool Guy

There are some random occasions when people are sort of thrown into your life, but you are so glad to see them land there.  This summer, I had the pleasure of having a number of beautiful people thrown into my life and I intend to stay connected with them, even though they live thousands of miles away from me in the USA.

Although I did not speak to this particular individual straight away, I did end up having regular conversations with him throughout the day and a half that we spent together.

He always seemed to have the most funny and entertaining things to say, which would always make me laugh and smile.  For some reason, I can never forget him saying, “It’s all fun and games until your daughter says surfboard.”  Let’s just say that he would not be very happy about his daughter saying that.

It was funny to see his reaction when he overheard me calling myself ‘Shanqy’, which just happens to be one of my nicknames.  He then started to refer to a dance that I was doing as the ‘Shanqy’, which I think was pretty cool, as it meant that I actually had a dance named after me.

I suggested that he simply call me ‘Shanq’, instead of ‘Shanqy’, which I don’t usually let people do, especially those who I have just met.  ‘Shanq’ is a nickname that is exclusively for my family, church family and some particular close friends, but it is not usually for people that I just meet.  He is obviously a special one to be given that honour.

We have stayed connected since his return to the USA and we do engage in conversations with one another.  He still manages to keep me entertained even now and I look forward to the day when we can properly hang out again.  A day and a half wasn’t enough time, but there is definitely a lot of love there.

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