What has become of the human race and the world we live in?

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again.  And again.  And again.  I hate this world – with a passion.  Words cannot even express how much I hate this world we live in.  It’s sad, depressing, backwards, selfish, twisted and very, very sick.

The human race has become an abhorrent disgrace and distanced so far away from everything we should be about.  Love continues to diminish, self-centredness is running rampant, we destroy the earth rather than nurture it and we hurt the animals we’re supposed to protect.  I don’t even want to say that we’ve become feral, because even some of the animal species don’t behave the way we do.

Cruelty, greed, ignorance and disrespect have become major characteristics in our world, which is apparent in many of the horrible, downright depressing news stories we read.  Parents killing children for the strangest reasons; poverty being allowed to continue while the filthy rich continue to get richer; young boys calling girls “bitches” and “sluts” in schools; a racist, xenophobic mad man in the running for President.

Black people are being pointlessly murdered, and for some reason, we shouldn’t be in an uproar about it, but people wanna get mad at a sportsman making a point and not standing for his national anthem.  When did a life cease to mean anything?  Why does a living person’s actions stir up more emotions in you than someone losing their life?  Why can the United States of America not see that it’s country is inherently racist and riddled with issues?  Why aren’t more of them coming together to do something about it?

Then there are the young individuals running riot with knives and guns, terrorising the UK and each other, wreaking unnecessary violence on our streets.  Taking a life has become second nature to them, as the respect for the living has gone out the window for them and you have to wonder why.  But worse than that, you find yourself asking, who will be next?

Modern slavery takes a new form in what we call work, with companies and managers thinking that they own you because they pay you.  Now it seems that we have been born to live to work, rather than working to live, having to push our lives aside for the every need of our employer.  Unable to nurture relationships or really give to people, we have become so consumed with paperwork and legalities, forgetting about the living, breathing beings walking around.  Is it any wonder that so many families are falling apart and mental illness is on the rise?

The human race has officially lost it, and what’s worst, we’ve lost what it means to actually be human.  If we took more time to regain that, show more love and be a whole lot more selfless, the world would be in a better state.  Of course, a world riddled with sin will never be perfect, but it can be better and that has to start within every one of us.

However, right now, I can truly say that I hate this world and I am desperate for it to come to an end, because I don’t want to be hearing and seeing these horrible things anymore.


Living in a Defected World

I cannot stress how sick I am of this world.  Practically every, single day now, something takes place that makes living in this world feel even worse.

As a follower of Christ, I know that I’m not supposed to be comfortable in this world, because it’s not my final home, but my disdain for my current home is growing more and more.  Evil, injustice and sick, twisted acts are becoming even more commonplace, making some individuals numb to the news, because it’s not a shock anymore or because their hearts have grown cold.

I’m sick of hearing about suicide bombers and terrorist attacks.  I’m sick to my stomach by the reports of rape in India and child abuse.  I’m tired of politicians making decisions that negatively affect our lives and throw our country into turmoil.  I’m sick of watching the injustice that black people have had to suffer through time and time again, simply because another race fears us or believes that they are superior to us.

I’m done with the media telling us what we should look like.  I’m bored with growing up with a generation of sheep, who want to follow the crowd or hang on every word of a celebrity who has no idea who they are.  I hate the inner racism among people of colour, who think that lighter skin makes you prettier or better than those with darker skin.  I’m infuriated by males who show no respect and believe that they are entitled to sex; who for some reason have come to think that sex comes hand in hand with a relationship.

The poor are exploited by the rich, who keep getting richer while they get poorer.  The respect for life has gone, with young people aimlessly killing each other, using knives and guns like they’re on some sort of battlefield.  People don’t want to give their time to a good cause, because all they care about is getting money or the fickle things in life.  Lies, fakery and empty words abound, while kindness, sincerity and honesty gets lost.

This world is a horrible, horrible place and everyday it makes me more sick to my stomach.  The human race is going backwards rather than forwards and even the earth itself is beginning to fight back, because we have mistreated it for so long.  Sometimes, I don’t know who we as humans think we are – it’s truly a disgrace.

More of us need to rise up, come together and do better, because we can create some beauty in this ugly world, but it will take work and determination.  I’m just glad that this world is not my final home and that my God has another home in store for me, which will be perfect, beautiful and without all of these disgusting defects.

A Responsibility to Serve

I was shocked and horrified to hear about the terror attacks in Paris on Friday night, as you usually don’t hear about terrorist attacks on that kind of scale.  Watching a video about how the event unfolded brought me to tears, as I thought about the loved ones of those affected.

However, I felt worse when I read about the terrorist attacks in Beruit and Baghdad, occurring on Thursday and Friday respectively.  So many horrific acts taking place around the world in a short time span cut me to the core and broke my heart, especially when you look at them alongside all of the wars, natural disasters, crimes, illnesses and acts of violence happening in the world today.

All I could think about was how the Lord is removing his presence from the earth, as Jesus prepares to make His return to this earth very soon, because we can’t take much of this cruel, twisted world much longer.  Everything that is taking place is simply too much bear.

What got to me most though, was how little is being done to prepare for His soon coming.  I will fully put my hands up and admit that I’m not doing enough, despite having a ton of ideas and desire to spread as much love as I can.  As a church, we need to be reaching out to our communities, helping when we can, spreading love rather than passing judgement, and making ourselves known.

I watched a sermon by Pastor Kelly yesterday, entitled ‘Spider-Man, Saved for Service’, which was completely relevant at this present time.  God has saved us from sin, so that we can go out into the world to serve others, but how many of us can say that we’re doing that?

The world is in desperate need of our service, so we need to stop being lazy and lackadaisical, watching the days go by, and do something.  We are living in a time that will continue to get worse, rather than better, making it exceedingly important for us to spread as much love as we can and bring hope to the lives of others.

Jesus is coming soon and I don’t want anyone to be left behind.  He has given us great power, and with that comes great responsibility.  I want to tap into that power and take up that responsibility.  Will you?