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My Top 5 TV Shows

So yesterday I let you in on my Top 5 songs by one of my favourite singing groups, The Corrs, in honour of them reforming.  Today, I’m gonna let you in on one of the easiest categories, my Top 5 TV shows.  I bet you can guess which will be number one.


5. Gilmore Girls

Gilmore Girls is one of those shows that I watch and sit there wishing that I was living in it.  The fictional town of Stars Hollow comes across as unique, hilarious and so warm, full of fun, interesting characters that I would want to know.  It is the supporting cast that make this show so great and their weird anecdotes never fail to make me laugh, particularly watching the rudeness of Michel and Sookie’s clumsiness.  And then there is the theme song — you cannot help but love that.

4. The Wire

I only watched The Wire recently, but I fell in love with it instantly and it quickly became one of my favourite TV shows.  There has never been a show that has messed with my emotions more than this one and being based on real life in the city of Baltimore just brings it home more to me.  It broke my heart when the teens in Season 4 got screwed over by the system and I was sickened by the unethical reporters in Season 5, not to mention how devastated I was when Wallace and Bodie were murdered in Seasons 1 and 4 respectively.  The storylines are gripping and the acting is amazing, but it is the characters that truly stand out, as I fell in love with so many of them.The Wire

3. Diagnosis Murder

This may surprise you, but I’ve got crazy love for Diagnosis Murder.  I can watch episodes of that programme over and over and over again, and still not get tired of them, even when I know who the culprit is.  There is something so captivating about Dick van Dyke as Doctor Sloane, and I love that his real life son plays his son in the show.  I like all members of the supporting cast, even when Jack left and Jesse came in as his replacement, which is not always the case for TV shows.Diagnosis Murder

2. PhoneShop

I love, love, love PhoneShop.  I’m not a huge fan of comedies, because I don’t usually find them funny, but PhoneShop is one of those few comedy shows that I do find funny.  In fact, I find it funny over and over again.  It uses British, urban humour perfectly and it has a great mix of characters that all amuse me.  I cannot believe some of the ridiculous situations they find themselves in and some of the foolishness that they come out with is just too much for me.  This show is hilarious and I will happily watch it again and again.PhoneShop

1. The Tribe

Of course, my number one has to be The Tribe, my most favourite TV show in the world.  I can’t really explain why I love The Tribe so much, especially as I’ve come to notice some of the dodgy acting and annoying characters as I’ve got older.  However, I’ve always loved the original story of children and teenagers being forced to survive and make their way in a world where all the adults have died.  My favourite thing about it though is the quirky, unique outfits which remind me of DIY fashion culture, the bold make up and the cool, but sometimes ridiculous, hairstyles.Tribe Cast 2

There you have it, my top 5 favourite TV shows.  Are you a fan of any of these shows or are any of them your favourite?  Let me know your favourite TV shows.