No Place Like Home?

It’s interesting, because no matter how much it may annoy you or how much the weather may frustrate you or how much people bother you, there is no place like home.

While I was away, I seriously began to miss my home, which I had been desperate to get away from just two weeks prior.  It made me realise that one of the better things about getting away is the appreciation it makes you have for home.

However, the weird thing is that when I got back home, I really started to miss Alabama.  In Alabama, the air was clearer, the water was softer and the wider (mainly straight) roads were good for my travel sickness.


I also started to miss little things, like eating at certain restaurants, particularly IHOP (shout out to our awesome waiter Ali!  He’s got skills man), and having Peanut Butter Cap’n Crunch mixed with Reeses’ Puffs for breakfast.


I miss not being able to buy certain American sweets and chocolate (like mint M&Ms) or walk around the beautiful Oakwood University campus.  I really miss the amazing smelling Bath & Body works, and I want to be able to go shopping at the Madison Square mall (known as the dead mall, which I fell in love with).


I enjoyed spending time with family I love so much, but rarely get to see (shout out to my Uncle Keith, Aunty Cynthia, Kaleem, Sheereen, Aisha and Jhanielle), and meeting new people, with lovely bright personalities (shout out to Britney, Matthew, Kojo, Glen and Khyle).  I also enjoyed seeing the friends that I don’t get to see (shout out to Ike, Tori and Alyce!).

It’s funny when you think about the little things you miss about a place, but I know that it is a combination of all these things that makes me want to go back to Alabama.  There is no place like home, but man, does it feel great to get away.


Being Vegetarian

I love being a vegetarian, I really do.  When people find out I am a vegetarian, they look at me with slight confusion and say “Really”.  Some of my friends still cannot believe that I am a vegetarian and try to tempt me with meat, but it doesn’t work.  I cannot understand why people are so surprised by my dietary choice, especially as there are a growing number of vegetarians at present.

I wasn’t always a vegetarian; I stopped eating meat about seven years and fish a few years after that.  However, I don’t miss eating meat and I never intend to give up my vegetarian lifestyle.  It is a good healthy choice, which I think is the best choice.  I also don’t like the taste of meat very much and I hate the texture of red meat, which makes my decision a lot easier.

I am a very strict vegetarian, which means that I am unable to eat certain sweets, due to the use of gelatin, and some crisps, due to the use of animal rennet or meat powder.  I sometimes miss Haribo, marshmallows and Sensations’ Thyme Chicken flavour crisps, but I have moved past it and there are still a variety of crisps and sweets I can eat.  At least I can still eat my beloved lollipops.

I really enjoy experimenting with vegetarian dishes, so that my meals do not get boring.  I am not a huge fan of soy products, although I do really like Linda McCartney’s sausages, pies, and sausage rolls, vegetarian mince, sausages and burgers, and some Quorn products.  I actually prefer to cook with vegetables and find new ways to make them taste great.

A favourite of mine is egg fried rice or vegetable fried rice, with a side of crispy kale.  I love stir fried vegetables with various accompaniments and I like vegetable pasta that is bursting with flavour.  Cheese-less pizza with various vegetable toppings and vegetarian fajitas are great dinnertime treats.  And an omelette with whatever filling I have at hand at the time is definitely one of my favourite things to cook.

Being a vegetarian is great and cooking a variety of vegetarian meals can be so much fun, as you introduce new dishes into your life.  I just love being a vegetarian and I refuse to turn back.

Favourite Things

I thought I’d keep my blog post light today and share a little more of myself with you all.  I’ve decided to give you an insight into me by telling you some of my favourite things.

India is definitely my favourite girl’s name and it is my chosen name if I have a daughter, because it sounds so pretty on the tongue.  I’ve also got a soft spot for the names Shivaan and Pereece, but I have no idea why.

My favourite boy’s names are Shay and Rio, but I’m now slyly obsessed with the Bible names Micah, Malachi, Machaiah and Matthew.  I guess that means I like the letter M.

Silver has always been my favourite colour and red replaced gold as my other favourite many years back.  However, pink is a very close favourite of mine, especially as I’m such a girly girl.

My favourite food in the world is chips!  I think that this is because I love potatoes so much, but I actually have a slight obsession with chips, as I want to eat them whenever I smell them.  Pizza was my previous favourite which was weird, because I don’t like cheese, tomatoes or bread unless it is toasted.

I’m not huge on sweets, but I’ve got a lot of love for lollipops and my favourite brand has to be Chupa Chups – I even got the name of Lollipop Lady once.  And in line with sweets, my favourite chocolate is definitely Cadbury Mini Eggs.  I get so excited when Easter comes back around and they are released in the shops.

As you probably know by now, my favourite film ever is Disney’s The Little Mermaid, because of the great songs, emotional ending and the simple fact of me wanting to be a mermaid.  My other favourite film is Set It Off, because of its powerful storyline, strong characters and tear-jerker finale.

My favourite television shows include Diagnosis Murder, Gavin & Stacey, Strictly Come Dancing, Gilmore Girls and PhoneShop for various different reasons.  However, my favourite television ever created has to be The Tribe, but I’m not entirely sure as to why.  I do know that I love the eccentric costumes, make-up and unique element of the show.

Gospel is my favourite genre of music, because of its soothing ability and the blessings I can receive, but it has an incredibly broad spectrum.  I am a huge fan of RnB, Hip Hop, Indie, Pop, Emo and Dancehall music though; it’s a little hard for me to pick a favourite genre from one of those.

Reading is my favoured activity during my spare time, especially the classic books and any historical fiction novels.  I also love a good fashion magazine and the September style issue of Vanity Fair, which is my ultimate favourite issue of any magazines.  Listening to music and scrapbooking are also some of my favourite things to do when I have some time on my hands; actually I listen to music pretty much anytime.

My favourite book is Gone with the Wind, because of the gripping story and the strength of the characters, whilst my favourite book series is The Flowers in the Attic series.  The Flowers in the Attic series is an emotional set of books full of unbelievable plot lines and unexpected twists; it just makes you want to cry.

I love my black hair, but I have a weird, crazy love for red hair, especially red, curly hair.  I think I would say that curly hair is my favourite hair texture.  I also appreciate my brown eyes, but I have a weakness for green or hazel eyes, especially when they are accompanied by red hair.

As I love to express over and over again, my most favourite feature on a guy is long, beautiful hair; preferably in a ponytail.  I also love when a guy is tall with long arms and big hands, I’m a sucker for a gorgeous smile and I’m crazy about a prominent nose.

My favourite shops are Debenhams and H&M, but I feel like this is slowly changing.  My favourite sport is basketball, especially college basketball, and my favourite team out of all those I support is my UConn ladies.  My favourite fruits are mango and pineapple.  And my favourite words have to be gorgeous and cute.

My favourite Bible story is the story of Esther, the beautiful queen who saved her people, with the story of Joseph taking a close second.  John 3:16 and Philippians 4:13 are my favourite Bible verses, but there are so many other texts I love.  And my favourite hymns are Amazing Grace and Crown Him with Many Crowns.

These are a few of my favourite things.  I hope you have gotten to know me a little better and gained a better understanding of me, as you’ve seen some of the things that make me tick.  What are a few of your favourite things?