The Perfect Exhibition

On Thursday, I finally went to see the Wedding Dresses 1775-2014 exhibition at the Victoria & Albert Museum (V&A), and it was so worth it!

This is definitely one of the exhibitions that I have been most excited for, as I love weddings and one of my favourite parts is the dress.  I am crazy about beautiful white wedding dresses and I can’t wait until the day when I will wear one of my own.

There were a number of stunning and unique dresses on display which captured my heart.  It was also special seeing some of the dresses that I’d seen in photos up close, as the photos simply do not do them justice, particularly the ‘Rapunzel’ dress by Jenny Packham.

Photo from V&A Website.

Photo from V&A Website.

However, there were two dresses that I was particularly in love with.  One dress was from 1933, while the other was from 2011, but they were both exquisite pieces with amazing trains.

The silk satin wedding dress from 1933 by Norman Hartnell was elegant with interesting details, beautiful lace and unique embroidery.  I fell in love with it instantly, but unfortunately I do not have the body to pull it off.

Photo from V&A Website.

Photo from V&A Website.

Ian Stuart’s Flower Bomb dress captures your eye immediately and a true work of art.  Every aspect of the dress is stunning and the level of detail blows my mind.  I could stare at that dress all day in admiration.

Photo from V&A Website.

Photo from V&A Website.

The V&A is usually home to my favourite exhibitions and this was no different.  Seeing those dresses close up was a once in a lifetime opportunity – I did not realise that Gwen Stefani’s wedding dress had so many unique aspects and that Kate Moss’ dress had such an amazing level of detail.

Now I cannot wait for the Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty exhibition.  That is going to be something very, very special.

A Shining, Bright Personality

Today I’m gonna write about another one of those beautiful people who was thrown into my life this summer, all the way from the United States.  This is one particular individual who I have definitely stayed connected with, but that was not going to be hard, because of how warm, funny and approachable he is.

I spoke to him relatively early in the day that I met him, and he was one of the people who greatly encouraged me to return the next day to spend more time with them.  Considering that I was initially reluctant to return the next day, I am really glad that I did, because spending time with him and the others was great.  In the end, one and a half days was just now enough time for us to spend together.

Now I mentioned earlier that this guy is funny, but he actually is hilarious.  He always found some way to make me laugh and his bright personality never fails to make me smile.  I love people who bring light to my life and he happens to be one of them.  I remember him running around, happily speaking to anyone in his path.  I will also never forget when he said to me, “Can I ask you a question?  Who are you?”, during one of my little dancing outbursts – I thought it was so funny.

After learning that I call myself ‘Shanqy’, I also gave him the honour of calling me ‘Shanq’, which as you know, is quite an exclusive nickname.  Of course, this makes him special and ‘Shanq’ is what he always refers to me as now.  I just love the way he says it with such enthusiasm.

It was fun, as we ran down the steps to a stunning riverside location, which he was so intrigued to see.  It actually turned out to be even more stunning once we got down there, which created a special moment that someone managed to capture on camera.  It was also a classic moment when I went over to hug him for support, after being dragged across the road by a random man trying to help us get to our next location.

Speaking to him is always a joy and observing him on his spiritual walk is a beautiful thing – I know that he is going to make a great difference in so many people’s lives.  The light that he shines is amazing and feel so blessed to have had the opportunity to meet him.  I have faith that we will get to spend more time together in the future, because I really do love him a lot.

Special Places, Special Memories

In my 21 (now almost 22) years of life, I feel blessed to have been able to visit different countries around the world.  Visiting new places allows me to experience different cultures, cuisines, landscapes and ways of life, which has opened my eyes and broadened my horizons.  I loved the tropical beauty of Jamaica and Grenada, and I was in love with abundance of flowers and plants in Lanzarote.  I greatly appreciated the greenery in Ireland and I liked the atmosphere in America.  However, there are many other places that I would like to travel to in my lifetime.

At the top of my list has to be Italy, which is one of my favourite countries in the world, despite having never been there.  It is no secret that I prefer Italian fashion above all of the major fashion capitals and I love the depth of Italian history; Italy is also an extremely beautiful country.  I want to go shopping in Milan, visit the historical sites in Rome, sail down the rivers in Venice, eat some delicious authentic pizza, and bask in the glorious sites.  I also happen to love the Italian language.

Scotland is the one place in Great Britain that I haven’t visited, and I wish that I could be there this summer during the Commonwealth Games.  I deeply regret not signing up to volunteer, but I guess that it was simply not meant to be.  Scotland also has beautiful greenery that I would like to see and I will definitely be going there one day; you can count on it.

Brazil is also a gorgeous country with some amazing sites to see, and by God’s grace, I plan to be there during the 2016 Olympic Games.  My volunteering experience in 2012 was one of the best times of my life, which I will never forget, and I want to do that all over again.  Hopefully I’ll get to spend some time on one of those beautiful Brazilian beaches.

I’ve always wanted to visit Cuba and I want to spend some time in Mexico, probably when I finally visit the city of Miami.  I want to experience the atmosphere in China and Japan, and buy some of the beautiful, unique and kooky fashions that these two countries have to offer – it would also be great to taste some authentic Chinese food.  I want to relax in the sunny country of Turkey, explore the history in Greece, see the pyramids in Egypt and soak in the richness of Dubai.

There are an abundance of amazing and stunning places in the world, with so much to offer and teach us.  I really hope that I will get the chance to see all of these special countries before my time on this earth comes to an end and gain many more memories that will be stored in my mind forever.