Constant Reassurance

It can be difficult trying to get through this life sometimes, with the constant pressures put on you by yourself and others.  You find yourself striving to move forward or trying your hardest to get things done, so you can reach those elusive goals.

Sometimes this can all get too much and your head starts to get overwhelmed, as you find yourself rushing from place to place and task to task.  You barely give yourself a chance to breathe or your mind a chance to rest, and it can be draining.

However, taking some time out with my God always manages to calm me down.  It is the best method of reassurance and relaxation, as I spend time talking to Him, meditating on His word, praising Him in song or just listening to what He has to say.

Yesterday, I decided to take a longer route to the bus stop on my way home, as I felt like a leisurely walk on my own, and I am so glad I did it.  For the first time in a little while, I was casually walking just for the sake of it, rather than pacing in a bid to get home or reach my destination.

During my walk, God came into my mind and I just started having a conversation with Him.  I felt at ease and really happy in that moment, which was exactly what I needed to settle my spirit.  That little bit of time spent with my God just made me feel that everything was going to be okay, which is why time spent with Him is so special.

I’m glad that I have my God on my side, supporting me every step of the way.  It also makes me feel good to know that He will be a constant reassurance, which is important for someone as easily stressed as me.  With Him, everything will work out fine.

The Right Choice

As I look at the work being carried out by the beautiful ladies at my former university, it is confirmation for me that I definitely made the right choice.

As I see the abundance of toiles being made up and the large amount of materials being transported, I know that I would have struggled immensely and I would not have been happy.  The stress would have been all-consuming and it would have killed me emotionally.

I know that the ultra-talented ladies at my former university will do amazing, because they truly love what they do and I know that they really want this.  They have the ability to do what I don’t think I could have done in this final year.

I have found that writing is where my heart truly lies and despite this career transition being difficult, I am loving it.  I am willing to deal with the struggles and accept any setbacks, without feeling emotionally wounded or ridiculously stressed out.

So although some people think I’m crazy for leaving university before completing my final year and gaining a degree, I know that I definitely made the right choice.  And besides, I didn’t come away with nothing.  I have my Diploma in Higher Education 🙂


I hate when my life is thrown into a state of disarray.  It throws me into a panic, which then makes me feel stressed out followed by feelings of upset.

I know that I cannot control everything, but I like my life to have some sort of structure and plan, and I hate when someone or something messes that up.  This is what occurred yesterday, when my plans for going forward in my career were severely disrupted.

It feels like whenever I have a plan involving my career and the wheels are finally set in motion, something happens to turn the plan upside down and take me somewhere I never actually wanted to go.  It’s frustrating, but I’m trying to keep cool and let my faith in God take me through, because He knows what the future ultimately has in store for me.

My mum gave me some good words of wisdom yesterday and food for thought, as she reminded me that there is no point of getting stressed and that I should do what I want to do.  After all, no one can dictate to me what I should actually be doing with my life.

I also refuse to do something that I don’t want to do, because I already escaped from two years of that at university and I refuse to go through it again.

Yesterday I felt like I was in a state of disarray, but today my head is clearer and I feel a lot better.  I will do things my way, with some help from others, but I refuse to be dictated to or do what makes me unhappy.  After all, it’s my life.