Fist Power

Eyes rolled back, collapse.
Cling to air, fight back.
Fingers lunge to gouge their eyes,
Weaken them, retrieve your position.

You slept on them, dreaming lazily,
They woke rejuvenated,
Staying woke; silence fuelled new found strength,
Exercised around your defunct resistance bands.

Strength not in numbers, but in few.
Sturdy metal coursing through them,
Almost indestructible,
Abilities bestowed by misguided sources.

Snapping out of your slumber too late,
Their limb had shot out, grabbed you by the jugular,
Squeezing, tightening, gripping
Bringing you to your knees.

You will bend to their routine.

Shaniqua Marie

Blessings on Blessings

God is truly blessing me.

I could have written those five words alone and it would have said enough, because it simply states how God is working in my life.  After praying and asking Him for a new job a couple of weeks ago, my God sent the ideal position just days later.  After spending a whole lot of time gaining motivation from Him, last week I successfully held my first youth forum.  Despite worrying at times, I remembered to have faith and put everything in God’s hands, which was the best thing to do, because He had my back without fail.

However, there was an even bigger turning point in our relationship, when I spent a lengthy time on my knees speaking to Him about countless aspects of my life and my need of not only help, but guidance from Him.  God gave me some great answers and I came out of that prayer session rejuvenated, ready to stop living in fear and take on the world, because I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength.

I knew that it was time for me to show more love and respect for myself, which meant not letting people treat me any way they pleased or staying silent when something in my relationships is bothering me or causing me pain.  I knew that it was time to do what needs to be done and say what needs to be said, rather than hesitating and leaving everything until tomorrow.  It was time for me to get really positive and not let others validate my life anymore.  I truly realised that it is only what God thinks that matters.

One of the main things for me to do was speak to one of the friends who had inadvertently been causing me pain and cut ties with him for a while, because there is only so much my heart can take.  After talking to God about how to handle the situation, He made me realise that calling my friend was the best thing to do, rather than engaging in yet another WhatsApp conversation.

It took a lot of courage to override my fear, but I prayed again and made the phone call.  Let’s just say that the conversation with my friend went even better than I could have imagined.  He responded in a way that I would want anyone I have a problem with to respond, and we were able to have a great conversation after a long time of not properly speaking.  My friend is a beautiful person, but I know that God had a real hand in that.

My God is pouring blessings on blessings onto my life and I’m extremely grateful.  As I’ve said before, I’m not even going to try and express my thanks, because no words would be enough.  I just love Him so, so much.

Its Time

Its time.

Its time for me to just do it.

Its time for me to get a grip; for me to wise up; for me to stop being scared.

Its time for me to get real serious about my spiritual life; to take my relationship with God to the next level; to put all my trust in Him.

Its time to let God take control, let Him heal my broken heart or any future hurt that I may face, let Him work great miracles in my life.

Its time for me to say what needs to be said, do what needs to be done and stop shying away from the difficult conversations.

Its time for me to be assertive, forthcoming and honest about how I’m thinking and feeling, when necessary.

Its time for me to truly respect myself, love myself, and stop being a doormat, because I deserve better.

Its time to stop staying in friendships that are detrimental to my emotional state, while the other person lives their life with little thought of me or how I’m feeling.

Its time for me to embrace and give into my feelings again, to love again, and accept I might feel pain along the way.

Its time to stop messing around in this world, when so much needs to be done and so many people need to be reached.

Its time to stop being selfish, thinking only about our own needs and desires, without considering how our actions may adversely affect others.

Its time to start thinking before we speak and stop using empty words, which mean nothing and amount to nothing.

Its time for me to be the person I once was before I was crippled by fear and rejection, but become the woman God has always wanted me to be.

Its time that I made real changes and do all I can to positively move forward, because with God for me, who can be against me.

It’s time that is too short to waste.