My Other Half

My sister is always asking for me to write a blog post that is all about her and I have always told her no, saying that the time would come when I would write something genuine and meaningful about her, rather than just writing about her for the sake of it.  I have mentioned her in numerous blog posts, but today this one is dedicated especially to her.

My sister went away yesterday to spend a week working in a different part of the country, which made me a little sad, because I am going to miss her loads.  Nevertheless, I am happy for her to gain this great experience and I will probably find myself going to bed earlier and getting less distracted without her being here.  I will also know how she felt when I spent a week away at camp meeting last year.

Some of you may be saying that it’s only a week and it will pass by in no time, but you don’t understand the bond that my sister and I have.  It’s funny when there are times that I go to church without her and people will ask me, “Where’s you other half”, because they are so used to seeing us together.  It’s even funnier when people will say “Hello girls” when it is only me standing there, because they think that the two of us come as a pair. Despite us being two different individuals, there are times when we are seen as one.

Nevertheless, my sister is my other half and even though we drive each other crazy at times and sometimes need away from one another, we couldn’t live without each other.  We are best friends who laugh together, cry together, act silly together, share secrets and have a lot of fun.  We are so in sync that we sometimes say that we are actually twins who were born three years apart.

My sister has flaws like everyone else and she can annoy me like anyone else, but I can proudly say that anyone would be lucky to have a sister like mine.  You could not ask for a more loyal sibling, who would be upset with someone on your behalf and who would stick up for you in your time of need.  You also could not ask for a funnier person to spend time with.

Not all sisters get along and not all of them have close relationships, so I am extremely glad to have a sister that I can get along with and who is also my best friend.  We haven’t had an easy ride, but what relationship does? I’m just happy that she is my sister and I can’t wait for her to come back.  I’ll just have to keep myself busy until then.