A Lovely Sabbath and A Great God

The first Sabbath of 2015 came to an end a few hours ago, and I can sit back and say that it was a really lovely day.  I was blessed by the service and I enjoyed the fellowship with the church family that I love so much.  Seeing faces that I hadn’t seen in a long time was definitely a highlight for me.

It was funny, because I’ve been struggling recently and trying to get my motivation back, but it was like going to church seemed to revitalise me.  I felt happier, fresher and ready to go this year.  The people around me believe in me and being in God’s house just seemed to remind me that I can go out and do what I need to do.

I love going to church and I love the Sabbath day.  My beliefs find a way to bring me joy and I intend to take my relationship with God even further this year.

I have wanted to get baptised for over a year now and I started Bible study in 2014, in order to get prepared for baptism.  However, there is something that just keeps holding me back.  I am hoping that I can figure this out and move forward, because I want to stop delaying and give my life fully to Christ.

I also want to spend more time in regular conversation with God, because He always finds a way to get through to me and it is important for me to hear His voice.  Speaking to Him did so much for me not only last year, but in the previous years of my life.

My relationship with God means the world to me and putting Him first makes the things in my life fall into place.  It is not always an easy road, but I know that He has great things in store for me and that He will reward me for staying faithful.

My God is the only person that has got me through many of the dark periods of my life and I know that He will get me through this year, because it is going to involve a lot of hard graft.  When I’m weak, that’s when He is strong, and as long as I trust Him, I know that He will come through for me.

Enjoyable Easter Weekend

I really enjoyed my long weekend over the Easter period.  I had fun, I was blessed and I spent time with the people I love.

Friday was my grandma’s birthday, which meant that I spent time with my dad’s side of the family in West London.  I don’t see some of those family members very often, so I always love getting a chance to see them.  They are a great bunch of characters that always have me cracking up with laughter and Friday was no different.

I had a wonderful Sabbath after waking up from a very good night’s sleep.  I was truly blessed by the sermon on Jacob and Job, which was based around the subject of family.  I learnt many new things that I can take forward in my life and I saw Jacob’s story from a whole new perspective.  In spite of Jacob’s mistakes and his messed up family, God stuck by him and Jesus was eventually born out of that messed up family.

After the sun had set on Saturday, I had the privilege of helping out at a fashion show at my church that was showcasing vintage clothes and hats by an amazing local hat company.  This allowed me to embrace my fashion side, which I have missed, as I acted as a stylist who put together the outfits for the models.  It was a really fun evening that I spent with friends, family and two of the beautiful individuals from Lives Not Knives.

I think that Sunday was my most fun-filled day of the Easter weekend.  After a tasty lunch of fried dumplings, fried plantain and a fried egg with my mum and sister, I made a delicious green smoothie with my sister.  It was our first go at smoothie making and it went well; I can’t wait to make more smoothies.  We then carried on with our making time by baking chocolate chip brownies, which are one of our favourite things to bake.  They were actually a very good batch, if I say so myself.

My sister and I finished off the day by going to our cousin’s house to celebrate her eighteenth birthday.  I cannot believe that my cousin has turned eighteen, but time is flying by and everyone is growing up.  Anyway, we enjoyed our time hanging out with our family and friends, while enjoying some tasty snacks.  I just love myself some snacks.

And today was the perfect end to my extended weekend, as I just sat back and chilled, forgetting any work that I had to do for a while.  It’s been a lovely few days that I wish could last a little longer, but it will be nice to return to work experience tomorrow.  Until the next extended weekend.