The Power of Speaking Out

As I’ve grown up, struggling with self harm has been one of the most difficult things in my life, and although I have not self harmed in years, I know it is a battle I will be facing for the rest of my life.

However, I’ve found that speaking out about my experience has helped to release the burden, while also making it seem more real.

I recently carried out an interview on UnTangledFM’s ‘We Got Issuez’ show, speaking about my journey with self harm out loud, rather than through written methods.

Carrying out the interview was a refreshing experience for me and I was happy with how it was handled.  I just hope that it will serve as a positive for at least one young person and encourage those who are struggling with self harm to come forward, as it’s never good to suffer in silence.

Listening back to my interview even gave me some hope when going through a time of inner turmoil, which made my mind turn to thoughts of harming myself again.  I refused to go through with it and although I am not through the woods yet, I know that self harm is not the solution and I’m going to make it through this storm.

Listen to my interview here:


Finally Baked

So as I told you yesterday, I finally took some time out to bake!  The urge to bake was too strong, so I actually took myself to shop and got the ingredients for the sweet treat that I was so desperate to make.

I was craving the delicious chocolate mint brownies that I had seen, so it was chocolate mint brownies that I made.  They took a lot of time and a lot of mixing that hurt my arms a little bit, but they were so worth it.

Despite being very sweet, the mint is refreshing and they taste great (if I say so myself).  I’m enjoying eating them and others who have tasted them have also said that they liked them, so I guess I’m doing something right.

Baking is something that I enjoy, but never seem to get enough time to do, which made me even more determined to make these brownies.  Hopefully I’ll have more time to bake in the future and maybe tell you guys about it, but for now here is a little peek at my chocolate mint brownies.   Chocolate Mint Brownies 2Chocolate Mint Brownies