Sweet Breeze

Granted graciously,

requested recurrently,

swinging back and forth between two;

sweet breeze brushing past.

Stiffness setting in when solo,

strained movement stutters to stagnation,

reduced to standstill.

Underdog!  Underdog!

Desperate cries futile,

bouncing off deaf ears, non-existent arms.

Alone; yourself your sole stimulus,

a heave required from deep,

not succumbing to debilitating rust;

self-administering TLC,

oiling wrong, warming bad,

invigoration for what’s coming.

Strength recovered, push prescribed,

catapulting sweet breeze into action.










– Shaniqua Benjamin


Fist Power

Eyes rolled back, collapse.
Cling to air, fight back.
Fingers lunge to gouge their eyes,
Weaken them, retrieve your position.

You slept on them, dreaming lazily,
They woke rejuvenated,
Staying woke; silence fuelled new found strength,
Exercised around your defunct resistance bands.

Strength not in numbers, but in few.
Sturdy metal coursing through them,
Almost indestructible,
Abilities bestowed by misguided sources.

Snapping out of your slumber too late,
Their limb had shot out, grabbed you by the jugular,
Squeezing, tightening, gripping
Bringing you to your knees.

You will bend to their routine.

Shaniqua Benjamin