Not Perfect

Still a Work in Progress

I’d say that my main motto in life right now is “I’m a work in progress”, as it is the phrase that sums up where I am and what I’m going through.

Although I’ve come a long way over the past year and taken numerous steps forward, I still have far to go and there have been times when I find myself taking steps backward.

I still find that I’m not entirely happy within myself, which is a major issue that can affect my mood and self-esteem, but I am determined to change that.

I am a fighter who is naturally full of positive energy, but I need my God to strengthen me, because I do fall down sometimes and find myself in a pit of negative energy.

The constant fighting can become tiring at times and I find myself drained, yet I keep remembering that I am not doing it on my own, because God will always be beside me.

I am not ashamed to admit that I am a work in progress, because I am not perfect and I never will be, but I do want to figure out what is not clicking inside of me, because I need to feel better within myself.

It’s just another step in my journey and you know what I say, may they work continue.

Come As You Are

I recently finished listened to a sermon that emphasised on coming to God as we are.  Too many of us think or are made to think that we need to be perfect and holier than holy before we can come to the throne of grace, but this is a myth.

God wants us to come to Him covered in our dirt, sin, scars and blemishes, and He will meet us at the point of our need.  It is amazing to serve a God who is willing to meet us wherever we are in our lives, and I for one am glad that I can come to Jesus as the sinner that I am.

I am someone who has never professed to be perfect and God can work with that.  By being honest and upfront with Him about my faults, He can start to work a change in me that I cannot do by myself.  If we try to change ourselves and then come to God because we believe that we are now worthy, that is when things start to go wrong, because we cannot change ourselves.

I have a deeper connection with God, because I came to Him during my dark days of depression, low self-esteem and self-hate, which He was able to carry me through.  Inside I am broken into many pieces, but I know that God is picking up those pieces and mending them so that I become the work of art He has always wanted me to be.

I have made mistakes, I have done wrong and I continue to struggle with sins, but my God knows all of that and He still loves me.  He constantly works on me and rebuilds me, even though there are times when I have given up or wanted to end it all.  My God was still there waiting for me, even after I tried to go at life on my own terms.

God has brought me through numerous trials and He is continuing to help me fight through the storms I am facing in my life today.  I can put my hands up and say I am a work in progress, which seems to have become my catchphrase now.  There is still a long way for me to go, but I know that it all began with me coming to God as I am, which is why I can sit here typing this blog post for you today.

So whatever you may be going through or wherever you are in your life, I urge you to come to God as you are, because He loves you no matter what.  He does not want you to be perfect, because He is willing to work with you.  I’m just asking you to give Him a chance.