Loss of Respect

Over the past few weeks, I have been losing more and more respect for celebrities or famous, public figures – whatever they choose to call themselves.  For some reason, because they earn bagfuls of money and are adored by countless fans, they think that it is okay to behave any way they like and people should accept it.

I can’t believe how Rihanna clearly admitted that the reason she came to this year’s BET Awards was to promote her new video, the controversial Bitch Better Have My Money.  She had no shame and behaved as if she was too good to be there, following a speech by Smokey Robinson about how being famous does not give you license to act like you’re better than anyone else.

Watching the way Deandre Jordan handled things with the Dallas Mavericks disgusted me, as a big man behaved like a disrespectful, immature child.  Having money did not seem to make Deandre behave anymore grown up than anyone else.

There are a number of other celebrities that I have lost respect for over the weeks that aren’t coming to mind right now, but I do know that I have been far from impressed by their behaviour.  And please do not get me started on the security who watch over these celebrities; their behaviour can be worse and it is totally unnecessary.  The people love the person you’re protecting, not you, so there’s no need for the “power” to go to your head.

Don’t get me wrong, there are certain famous individuals that I love (basketball players in particular) and some that I actually do respect, but there is no way that I idolise any of them.  No matter how much money they have or how many places in the world they get to see, they are humans just like you and me.  Just as quickly as they got famous, they could lose it all like that, and there is nothing more tragic than watching a celebrity trying to cling to fame.

People are people and I wish that more individuals would understand that.  It is not their money, title or the number of people following them that should gain your respect.  It should be the person, their character and what they really do that makes you respect them.  No one person is better than anyone else.

All About the Money

I’m sorry, but I am so sick and tired of hearing about these basketball players getting paid stupid money in these trade deals.

It’s bad enough that people are struggling to get by financially in this economy and they are getting paid disgusting amounts of money, but many of these players are not even good enough to deserve these contracts.

Some of these players are superstars in their own minds and think they deserve a whole pile of money, but how much are they really going to bring to their team next season?  In fact, how much did they even do last season?

This constant focus on money and unnecessary high pay cheques are also contributing to the diluted play in the NBA, which I hate.  There are far too many players now who are all about the money rather than being all about the basketball.  Yes, it’s all good getting paid, but it should be all about the passion and desire to win.

Seeing all this madness has got me frustrated and confused in my mind, but more than anything, it’s making me worried about the future of the NBA and men’s basketball in the US.  Something has to change.

I Can Only Ask Why

There are occasions when I sit and simply ask why, as sometimes asking these questions is all that I can do.

Why does it have to rain so often in the UK and get so annoyingly gloomy?

Why do so many basketball players miss free throws in crucial games, as if they don’t they realise that free throws actually win games?

Why must hair extensions be so tight and make your head feel sore for the first few days?

Why have we become so obsessed with money that we now think it is the be all and end all?

Why is getting a job sin order for you to earn money more important than emotional health and well-being?

Why do guys have to be so much trouble and tell so many lies (sorry to go there again)?

Why does it seem like the NBA is all about LeBron James?

Why do people feel the need to stamp all over another person’s dreams, like they even have the right?

Why are we encouraged to enter into jobs we hate just for the purpose of making money, rather than pursuing our dreams?

Why is current music so unbelievably rubbish, shallow and lacking in any real substance?

Sometimes, all you can do is ask why?