Living in a Defected World

I cannot stress how sick I am of this world.  Practically every, single day now, something takes place that makes living in this world feel even worse.

As a follower of Christ, I know that I’m not supposed to be comfortable in this world, because it’s not my final home, but my disdain for my current home is growing more and more.  Evil, injustice and sick, twisted acts are becoming even more commonplace, making some individuals numb to the news, because it’s not a shock anymore or because their hearts have grown cold.

I’m sick of hearing about suicide bombers and terrorist attacks.  I’m sick to my stomach by the reports of rape in India and child abuse.  I’m tired of politicians making decisions that negatively affect our lives and throw our country into turmoil.  I’m sick of watching the injustice that black people have had to suffer through time and time again, simply because another race fears us or believes that they are superior to us.

I’m done with the media telling us what we should look like.  I’m bored with growing up with a generation of sheep, who want to follow the crowd or hang on every word of a celebrity who has no idea who they are.  I hate the inner racism among people of colour, who think that lighter skin makes you prettier or better than those with darker skin.  I’m infuriated by males who show no respect and believe that they are entitled to sex; who for some reason have come to think that sex comes hand in hand with a relationship.

The poor are exploited by the rich, who keep getting richer while they get poorer.  The respect for life has gone, with young people aimlessly killing each other, using knives and guns like they’re on some sort of battlefield.  People don’t want to give their time to a good cause, because all they care about is getting money or the fickle things in life.  Lies, fakery and empty words abound, while kindness, sincerity and honesty gets lost.

This world is a horrible, horrible place and everyday it makes me more sick to my stomach.  The human race is going backwards rather than forwards and even the earth itself is beginning to fight back, because we have mistreated it for so long.  Sometimes, I don’t know who we as humans think we are – it’s truly a disgrace.

More of us need to rise up, come together and do better, because we can create some beauty in this ugly world, but it will take work and determination.  I’m just glad that this world is not my final home and that my God has another home in store for me, which will be perfect, beautiful and without all of these disgusting defects.


Super Bowl Sunday is Here Again

I can’t believe that Super Bowl Sunday has come back around again, but I am so excited!  I’ve bought my snacks and I’m ready to pig out, get involved in the Twitter conversations and enjoy some good American football.

This should be a really great match up and I hope that this won’t be a repeat of the blowout of last year.  A lot is at stake tonight, with the Seattle Seahawks looking to repeat and the New England Patriots’ quarterback Tom Brady in pursuit of his fourth ring.

The media has not been short of things to talk about in the lead up to this Super Bowl, with deflate gate and the beef between Richard Sherman and Tom Brady.  One thing that the media and everyone else cannot get enough of is the Seahawks’ running back, Marshawn Lynch, who has been delivering classic interviews during the media days.

Not everyone likes Marshawn for his unique style, but I love him and I understand why he’s doing it.  I think the press should just back off.  Check out five of my favourite Marshawn interviews in a piece I wrote for LIVE Mag to get into the Super Bowl mood.

Tonight is gonna be a lot of fun and I hope that the game lives up to all of the hype.  I don’t know who is going to win, but I’m looking forward to see who is going to fight just that little bit harder.  Who have you got winning it all?

Our Example

When I look at the example set by some of the elders of our generation, I start to wonder about how much hope there is for our generation.  The actions that some of them carry out and the things that some of them say are very suspect and simply set a bad example overall.

I enjoy watching The Wendy Williams Show, but listening to some of the statements that she has made recently really bothered me.  I sit there thinking, “Can you even hear what you just said” and “Do you really think it’s okay to say that or behave like that”?  It confuses me and makes me question her morals.

A grown woman should not be encouraging a young woman to cheat, because she is still in her prime and not yet ready to settle into married life.  If you practise certain activities in your youth or early relationships, it becomes the norm for you and it will be very hard for you to stop when you grow older and eventually get married.

I personally don’t use curse words or swear words – whichever way you want to put it – but I definitely do not think that parents should use that type of language around their children, specifically young children.  They will pick those words up and eventually use them in their later life, sometimes to an unnecessarily frequent extent.  Personally, I want to keep my children’s minds (and mouths) as pure as possible for as long as possible.

All around us, we see adults feeding us lies and treating each other in a hurtful or negative way.  We observe the mockery of marriage with the constant break-ups and quick divorces that are in the public eye.  The obsession with fame and the media means that we are constantly bombarded with cheap behaviour, individuals finding fame over basically nothing and an obsession with youth and appearance.

Of course, there are numerous elders who set really good examples, but they seem to get drowned out by the more negative influences.  It is a shame, because it seems that a significant number of young people now have less morals, less respect for themselves and are constantly shying away from traditional ideals.

Hopefully we can find a way to break the cycle, so that our generation will set the best example possible for our children, but somehow I don’t think that is going to happen.  This world just continues to get worse and worse.