A Cheeky, Interesting & Supportive Individual

It’s funny how some of the most meaningful or special relationships in your life can begin in a negative manner.  When your first interaction with someone is a bit on the bad side – which leads you to think the worst of them – your initial reaction is not that you will engage in a close relationship with that person down the line.

This was the case when I first met someone who I now called my brother.  I remember trying to speak to him when we were children, because our dads were friends and I wanted to become his friend, but he ran away from me and gave me a little attitude.

In fact, neither of our initial interactions were entirely positive, but I eventually wore him down with my charm and winning smile (lool, I joke).  My friendly nature, and I guess my persistence, did eventually wear him down though and we finally engaged in proper conversation, which led to us striking up a friendship.

As our friendship continued, I began to see him as not just a friend, but as family and he referred to me as his sister.  He is properly cheeky like  a brother would be, calling me his little sister just because I’m a lot shorter than him, when I’m actually older than him.

He never fails to make me laugh with the things that he comes out with and we can have proper, in-depth conversations.  Funnily enough, he will reprimand me if he feels that I need a telling off, but most of all, I know that he will always be there to support me in whatever is going on in my life.  He’s always offering me advice and I know that he would be there whenever I need to talk.

My brother is another unique individual and one of the most interesting people I know.  I love being around him and I genuinely wish that we had the chance to spend more time together, because he is family after all.  The love I have for him will never fail.

Simple Gifts

As you know, I turned 22 last Friday, which was a birthday that I was not looking forward to and didn’t really care about, although I was blessed to see another year.  Nevertheless, this turned out to be one of my most special and meaningful birthdays, possibly because of its simplicity, and I have really embraced being 22.

My day was filled with simple gifts that filled me with emotion and brought big smiles to my face, yet not all of these gifts were of the material kind.  I was a huge fan of the beautiful notebooks that my sister brought me and I was incredibly surprised when an unexpected individual bought me a gorgeous jacket.

Celebrating with my immediate family in the evening was perfection as usual and taking photos with my sister was a lot of fun; however, what touched me most was the small, intimate birthday celebration put on for me at Lives Not Knives.

These are a special set of people who have supported me and encouraged me when I really needed it, and I am extremely thankful for that.  They have created a place for me that makes me feel that I fit there and I love them so much for that.  Seeing that they got me a cake and candles almost made me cry.

The icing on the top of that cake, though, was having my darling Millik come in later, as I’d wanted to talk to him for some time.  Seeing him actually made my day, because he is a special young person who I would like to have in my life and I was glad to see him on my birthday.

Although my birthday was on the Friday, I still felt that I was receiving gifts on the Saturday, because I finally had the opportunity to see my twin after how many months.  My twin is my baby and I adore him, in spite of the misunderstandings between us.  I was so excited to see him and the smile on my face was huge as soon as I set eyes on him.

The people in my life mean a lot to me, especially those closest, so seeing someone who has such a special place in my life after such a long time is one of the greatest gifts of all.  We were able to talk properly and come to some common ground, which was what we needed, but I hope that he does not disappear for this long again.

I’ve told you before that it is the special little things that put some of the biggest smiles on my face and it was no different as I celebrate my birthday.  I really do love and appreciate the people in my life, and I am thankful for the gifts they bring.