Happy Birthday to My Best Friend

Fierce, ferocious and funny,

That is my best friend.

Unbelievably strong,

But also delicate,

Feeling hurt like anyone else.

Intelligent and hardworking,

She’s achieved more than most expected,

But I never doubted her for one second,

Seeing the person that others didn’t,

And now I’ll see her graduating,

Getting that degree.

Because she’s grown more

Than anyone I’ve ever known, you know,

And mellowed beyond belief,

With a seriously great work ethic,

That is amazing to see.

She’s loyal, to a tee,

More loyal than any friend I have,

I know that no matter what,

This girl will always have my back.

Our relationship isn’t perfect,

But what relationship is.

We’re what others see as unlikely friends,

As we’re two very different people,

But those differences create a balance –

She forces me to make the tough decisions,

And I bring out her more rational side.

We’re what you might call hard and soft,

But the what we have in common,

Is our friendship,

Which is most important,

And means a lot to the both of us.

So Happy Birthday,

To my beautiful best friend,

I know she’s not loving getting older,

But it means she’s here for another year,

And that we’ll be friends a year longer.



Proud to Call You Cousin

One of my closest friends from my school days made me really proud this weekend, as she walked many miles to raise money for charity.

My friend not only has a beautiful heart, but she has so much inner strength.  I know that she has been through a lot, but she has fought through everything and come out better for it, which is a quality that I really admire.

Due to our surnames being so close in the alphabet, she became one of my first friends in school, because we were usually forced to sit next to each other.  We would talk about many different things and she was the one who got me into One Tree Hill in its great first series.

We also referred to each other as cousins, because half of her double-barreled surname is actually my mother’s maiden name.  It was a lot of fun trying to convince others that we were cousins, as they thought that it was a total joke; however, I still call her my cousin.

I remember the fun I had dancing away at her 16th birthday party, where her friends from outside of school made me feel so welcome.  I also had a great night celebrating her 22nd birthday, when I was also dancing away and made to feel welcome in a group where I was the only individual from our school.

This is another one of my friends that I see very rarely, but I know that she will always be in my life.  She is a loyal friend and one of the sweetest people I know, although she has a serious toughness about her, which I love.

Just like with many of my other friends, I wish that I could see her more often and go for more fun nights out.  She is funny, entertaining, warm and a great person to talk to.  I know that she will always make me feel comfortable, included and part of a group.  I love my friend with all my heart and I am proud to call her my cousin.

A Lovely Heart Beneath a Rough Exterior

As it was her birthday yesterday, I think that it is only right to dedicate this post to my best friend.  I have written about my best friend a number of times, but it doesn’t hurt to write about her again.

Funnily enough, just like the two individuals I have written about previously, our relationship had a rocky start.  There were a number of occasions when we did not see eye to eye and there was a time when I never thought that we could be friends again, but things change and people change.

Like I will tell anyone, my best friend is not the nicest of people, but she has come incredibly far over the years.  I have seen her grow more than anyone I know and underneath the rough exterior, she has a lovely heart.  Not everyone gets to see it, but she has one of the most amazing personalities.

I will never stop saying that she is fiercely loyal and she knows just how to have me in fits of laughter.  Everytime we meet up is hilarious and boy talk with her is always entertaining.  She has the most interesting opinions and unique view on the world.

Although the two of us are very different people, there is no one I would rather call my best friend and you know what, there is no one else that I can imagine being my best friend.  In spite of our initial hardships, I feel like I have been blessed with a friend like her in my life and I know that she will stay in my life forever.  She will be a bridesmaid at her wedding and she has made it clear that I will be the godmother of her child.

I’ve said it before and I will say it again, anyone would be lucky to have a best friend like mine.  Words cannot express how much I love her.