They Brought Me Laughter and Happiness

Last year, my best friend Mells gave me one of the greatest gifts ever when she gave birth to my godson, Reyez.  He is the best, beautiful and boisterous, never failing to make me laugh or bring me joy.  Every moment spent with him is special and I’m blessed to be part of his life.

One of the highlights of my year was watching Reyez get dedicated, and also playing a part in that special moment as one of his godparents.  It was a real celebration and he looked beyond cute on the day in his white suit.  His mum definitely knows how to have him looking his best.

I’ve also had the pleasure of looking after Reyez a few times this year, with the stand out being him spending a day at “Aunty Day Care” (basically my sister and me looking after him at our house).  We played with toys, I sang to him, fed him, changed him and got him to sleep.  I was taken aback, but also found it hilarious, when he roared at me as he cried for food.  This boy definitely loves his food.

My heart filled with joy and excitement as I saw that he was walking, and now I’m just waiting for him to start properly talking – I’m insistent that he will say Aunty Shan, no matter what his mum says.  I’m also looking forward to when he’ll stop ripping paper so I can read to him.

Now his mum, Mells, has been my best friend for about 10 years, and our friendship has always been an interesting one.  We are very different people and we show love in very different ways, although we know that the love is always there.  While I’m very much about words and expressions of love, I’ve come to realise that my Mells shows love through her actions and giving you her quality time – time is 100% a big thing for her, which I sadly find hard to give at times.

During the beautiful, warm weather we enjoyed in spring and summer this year, Mells, Reyez and I went on a picnic.  I asked what I should bring, but Mells insisted I didn’t need to bring anything, and when we sat down on our mats in the park, she unpacked a spread of cooked food, snacks, fruit and drinks that catered to my vegetarian diet.  I couldn’t believe that she had prepared all of this and not wanted me to contribute anything.  I felt genuinely loved, appreciated and cared for – those are the actions of a true friend there.

I’ve spent quite a bit of time with Mells and Reyez this year, which has brought me plenty of laughter and left me with a number of memories.  These are two of the most important people in my life, who I would die for without a second thought.  Like I said, I’m so blessed to have Reyez as my godson – he never fails to bring me happiness and was often my light during my darker days at the beginning of the year.  I love the both of them with all my heart.

Some Special People

This week, I had the opportunity to spend time with a really special group of people from the States.  Although it was my first time meeting these individuals, I immediately felt comfortable and happy in their company, which was unlike the way I was feeling last week.

Sometimes it shocks me that I can feel so at ease with people that I hardly know, but so unhappy around people that I’ve known for a long time.  Nevertheless, I have come to accept that this is life and there is not much I can do about it, but anyway, let’s get back to the great people that I had the privilege of spending some time with.

Although I was only able to spend a day and a half with them, that short time was so worth it.  It gave us time to see some gorgeous parts of London, eat some tasty food, get jokes, create memories and most of all, build friendships.  There was also not one person among them who I disliked.

These individuals had beautiful hearts and a fun mixture of personalities, which is always good when spending time with a group of people.  There was one particular female who exuded so much happiness, that it was as if she was full of light, which was lovely to see.  I was also able to meet a fellow writer with plenty of experience under her belt, who gave me some valuable advice as she offered her words of wisdom.  I could actually sit here and write something about each individual, because of how much I enjoyed spending time with them.

However, there are two particular individuals that I have to shine a light on, because of the connection that I made with them.  These two guys were constantly making me laugh and I never had a dull conversation with either of them, simply because of their amazing personalities.  They quickly started calling me by two of my nicknames (Shanq and Shanqy), which is something that I loved, although I wouldn’t normally be into people calling me by nicknames that early.  These two guys are very special.

I feel blessed to have met such a lovely group of people and I know that they were brought into my life for a reason; I can feel it.  I really hope that we will remain friends and by God’s grace, I hope to see them again soon.


This World

This world is a crazy place.  We live in a time when so many die young, at the hands of other young people and that demon called ‘Drugs’.  We cannot do much as the system crumbles, allowing the rich to get richer and preventing justice from being served.

Parents attack and kill their children, adults sexually abuse innocent babies and older individuals are being found that have been held hostage since their childhood.

Abortion is becoming common place, we are thinking about giving 15-year-old girls the morning after pill, when they are not even the legal age to have sex, and STDs are running rife.  Many guys cannot even consider a relationship without sex and a number of females give into having sex just to keep their men.

Religion is being tossed to the side and viewed as old-fashioned, in order for certain groups of people to get their own way.  Manners, common courtesy and respect seem to be disappearing, as individuals appear to lose sight of morals and a sense of decency.

Marriage is becoming a joke, university graduates are struggling to find employment and cancer is killing of so many.  Women are shot for speaking out about educational rights, countries are in ridiculous amounts of debt, and poverty is still unnecessarily high.  Wars are continuously breaking out, natural disasters occur on a regular basis, whilst terror attacks and random murders are seemingly becoming more frequent.

As I look at this crazy world and think about what a horrible place it has become, I realise that God is slowly, but surely, removing his presence from the earth.  He’s getting ready for his second coming, where all the madness, hurt and pain will be washed away, and replaced with a perfect beautiful home that we cannot comprehend.

I look forward to that great day, but for now, I’ll just have to endure living among all the chaos and be the best God wants me to me, as I believe my Lord is the light in all this darkness…