A Priceless Friend

This is the second individual to get a post solely about them in my series of posts about the beauties who have played a special part in my 2018, simply because they are that special.  She is one of my closest friends, who I’ve always treasured but can take unfairly take for granted at times.  I will always see her at least once or twice in a year, but this year we spent more time together, which was really nice.

Pebbles spoils me more than I deserve, which is not the reason behind why we are so close or why I love her so much.  We’ve been close friends since leaving secondary school, where we were in a number of classes together, bonding over music, High School Musical and Hollyoaks.  She’s been a constant in my life since then.

This year, we met up to eat, play board games, sit in the park and watch movies – I’ve got her to thank for watching Inside Out, which I loved.  Of course, there was plenty of chat and laughter along the way, filling each other in on what was going on in our lives.

However, what made her such a special part of my 2018 was going on holiday together – there is a lot more to this story, but not everyone needs to know it.  We went to my beloved Italy, staying in stunning Sorrento, where we walked through a lemon grove, ate gelato everyday and enjoyed some good shopping.  We also visited the ruins of Pompeii and Herculaneum – we love ourselves some history – which was a surreal experience.  Although they were amazing to witness firsthand and so much was stunning to look at, it was weird to be in the midst of places that had been completely wiped out and claimed so many lives.

It was great to eat gorgeous food, see beautiful sights and stay in a new place with my friend, but the best thing about our trip was that it made us closer.  Often, trips can make or break friendships, but this trip definitely made ours.  One of my favourite moments was when we had a frank, honest conversation over dinner on the last night, opening up about various things effecting us and speaking up about friendship like we haven’t before.  I felt like I knew her a lot better after that night.

Pebbles and I have been friends for over 10 years, and I wholeheartedly believe that we’re going to be friends for 10 years more and beyond, as long as God grants me the breath in my body.  Friends like Pebs are rare, precious, priceless diamonds – you do not want to lose them.  I’m beyond grateful for a friend like Pebs in my life, and writing this is just a small thing to let her know how much I love and value her.

Clogged Mind

It’s crazy right now, because there is so much that I could write about and should be writing about, but I have no idea what I actually want to write about.  It’s like any idea I have has been forced right down to the bottom of my mind.

What’s worse is that I am getting regular headaches, which is making it difficult for me to think.  I keep on feeling ill these days, which is not a positive sign, but I don’t think that there is anything serious wrong with me.  I just need to keep pushing through.

Pushing through is essential for me right now, as there is so much that I am trying to get done and I can’t allow myself to get demotivated again.  I have to be more militant with myself than I’ve been for a very long time so that my plans do not falter, but I need to ensure that I do not get overwhelmed.

Although there is a lot for me to do and I have every intention of doing it, I think I need some sort of short break to clear my head, because it feels like it is clogged up with countless things right now.  I just wish that someone would come along and whisk me away to Italy.

Special Places, Special Memories

In my 21 (now almost 22) years of life, I feel blessed to have been able to visit different countries around the world.  Visiting new places allows me to experience different cultures, cuisines, landscapes and ways of life, which has opened my eyes and broadened my horizons.  I loved the tropical beauty of Jamaica and Grenada, and I was in love with abundance of flowers and plants in Lanzarote.  I greatly appreciated the greenery in Ireland and I liked the atmosphere in America.  However, there are many other places that I would like to travel to in my lifetime.

At the top of my list has to be Italy, which is one of my favourite countries in the world, despite having never been there.  It is no secret that I prefer Italian fashion above all of the major fashion capitals and I love the depth of Italian history; Italy is also an extremely beautiful country.  I want to go shopping in Milan, visit the historical sites in Rome, sail down the rivers in Venice, eat some delicious authentic pizza, and bask in the glorious sites.  I also happen to love the Italian language.

Scotland is the one place in Great Britain that I haven’t visited, and I wish that I could be there this summer during the Commonwealth Games.  I deeply regret not signing up to volunteer, but I guess that it was simply not meant to be.  Scotland also has beautiful greenery that I would like to see and I will definitely be going there one day; you can count on it.

Brazil is also a gorgeous country with some amazing sites to see, and by God’s grace, I plan to be there during the 2016 Olympic Games.  My volunteering experience in 2012 was one of the best times of my life, which I will never forget, and I want to do that all over again.  Hopefully I’ll get to spend some time on one of those beautiful Brazilian beaches.

I’ve always wanted to visit Cuba and I want to spend some time in Mexico, probably when I finally visit the city of Miami.  I want to experience the atmosphere in China and Japan, and buy some of the beautiful, unique and kooky fashions that these two countries have to offer – it would also be great to taste some authentic Chinese food.  I want to relax in the sunny country of Turkey, explore the history in Greece, see the pyramids in Egypt and soak in the richness of Dubai.

There are an abundance of amazing and stunning places in the world, with so much to offer and teach us.  I really hope that I will get the chance to see all of these special countries before my time on this earth comes to an end and gain many more memories that will be stored in my mind forever.