A Frightening Increase

It is a little frightening to see the rate at which knife crime is increasing.  It is ridiculous to hear about an individual being stabbed at least once a week, and what makes it worse is that most of these stabbings are in my home of South London.

I think that stabbings are unnecessary and I don’t understand why they are becoming such a frequent occurrence.  Life is precious and I can’t fathom why people have such a lack of respect for it, especially the young people.  When you hear about stabbings, it is usually the young people who are carrying out and on the receiving end of the stabbings.

It is like they see using a knife as an easy way to get what they want or a necessary way to gain “respect”.  They do not think about the consequences and in the blink of an eye, that blade could cost an individual their life.

I understand that there are times when an individual can find themself in a sticky situation, but using a knife is never the answer.  All it does is cause further pain and leads to a reign of terror on the streets.

I hate that I am continuously seeing an increase in knife crime and I am seriously wondering if it is too late to stop it.  We need to step up and do something, which is an issue that I have addressed in my article for The Croydon Citizen.


For some reason, prices continue to rise and rise, which has led to many products becoming overpriced.  I find this rather ridiculous, especially as wages don’t seem to be increasing.

As the price of designer clothing and accessories increases, the prices on the high street also continue to increase at an annoying rate.  Although the quality of products has improved and particular stores have brought out high range lines, I feel that the high street has become overpriced and that bothers me.

However, the quality of some of the products sold on the high street and by high-end designers are not good enough for the prices that they are being sold at.  Yet people continue to buy these products and buy into the hype of the trends, which enables these companies to keep their high prices.

There are a number of other products that are sold at high prices, such as healthy foods, which can make it difficult for individuals to lead a healthy lifestyle.  I don’t understand how our nation can be trying to decrease obesity and champion healthy living, yet the price of healthy living is far too high for many individuals.

It bothers me that so many products are overpriced and I know that prices are not going to fall, which means that situations will not get any easier.  It just gives this world another reason to be all about getting money, but that is another issue for another day.