Level-headed, Intelligent and Funny

As it’s his birthday, I think it’s only right that this dedication goes out to my beautiful little cousin.  Of course, he’s one of my many cousins and he’s not so little any more.  He’s into the latter half of his teenage years and he is definitely towering over me in height, which may not be hard, but he really is tall.

Over the years, I’ve watched my cousin grow into a great young man, who I can sit down and have a good conversation with.  We can actually talk on a level and he comes out with things with substance, which makes me really respect him.  He’s got a very level head for his age, which I guess helps.

My cousin is also very, very smart.  I know that he’s intelligent by speaking to him, but I didn’t realise just how intelligent he was until a few months back after he got a set of exam results.  I was extremely proud of him and it showed how God always has his back.  I can’t wait to see what amazing things he does in the future, as he continues to mature and increase his knowledge.

Like the majority of people in my life, my cousin is funny.  My sister and I have mentioned how much jokes he gives us on numerous occasions.  He has a more subtle humour that not everyone will see and he delivers lines in a dead pan or serious way, which just makes them hilarious.  I don’t think he even realises how funny he is.

My cousin always believes in me and supports me through whatever I’m doing, which I really appreciate.  I know that I can always count on him and that I can always talk to him, which makes him extra special.  I really do love him with all my heart.

Quiet, Dry Humour and a Great Personality

A couple of weeks ago, I finally met up with my Textiles girlies after about of a year of not seeing them.  As I mentioned before, my two years spent studying A-level Textiles was one of the best periods in my life and the beautiful ladies that were in my class will have a special place in my heart forever.

Another one of those ladies is a fellow shorty like me, which you know makes me feel good.  Nevertheless, she seems to make up for her small stature with amazingly long hair.  The length it reached during sixth form amazed me and I actually think that her hair was about half the length of her.

Just like all of my Textiles friends, she makes me laugh, but she humours me in a different way.  She has some of the driest wit you will ever come across, which is great, because by simply looking at her, you would never expect her to be so funny.

During our classes, she would deliver classic lines in a dead pan voice, which added to the moment.  I don’t think any of us will forget the moment when she threw down a friend’s sketchbook that she had found and said, “It’s yours”, with no expression, because one of us asked if the sketchbook she’d found was actually hers.

She is a quiet person of few words, but she has a great personality and I know that she really does have a lot to say.  She also created some of the most amazing work in Textiles and I could see that she has a gift, which would have taken her far if she decided to study a subject in the field of fashion, but she is excelling in her current career.

I am so proud of her and I know that she will continue to do amazingly well in whatever she pursues in life.  As I told her last time I saw her, she’s got a very level head on her shoulders, which will serve her in good stead.  Did I also mention that I gave her a great nickname which suits her to the tee?  I just love her so much.

A Hilarious, Tiny Friend

As it was her birthday last Friday and I celebrated with her over the weekend, I thought it was only right to dedicate this next post to one of my fellow tiny friends.  Like I’ve mentioned before, it always feels a little nice to have a friend who is shorter than me, because I am so small myself.

I can’t believe that I have known this person for a little over five years now, which shows just how fast time flies by.  It has not been the smoothest of roads, but we have managed to remain friends and she never fails to bring humour into my life.

Her stories are absolutely hilarious and she does some of the strangest things that have me in fits of laughter.  She is a genuinely funny person, without even meaning to be, which I think is the best kind of funny.

We are different people who run with a very different circle of friends, but if I am anywhere with her, she always tries to make me feel comfortable and get me to enjoy myself.  I’ve got to say that spending time with her has led to me meeting some of the most interesting characters, who will be forever engrained in my memory.

This person is one of the most unique individuals you will ever come across and it makes me happy to think that she has provided me with so many funny memories, because memories are one of the aspects of life that I treasure most.  I hope she knows that I love her tiny self so much.