Basking in the Happiness

On Saturday, my cousin told me that I looked happy, which came as a surprise, because I’d been feeling far from happy just a few days ago.  In that same week, I’d been crying my eyes out, feeling uneasy about myself and tiring of people.

However, as I stopped to think about it, I realised that I did feel happy on that day and in that moment.  Tomorrow might have been different and I might have found myself wrapped up in sadness again, but it didn’t make a difference, because I was happy in that moment.  I was actually taking the time to enjoy the present, which unfortunately isn’t something that I do very often.

I got to thinking about why I was feeling happy and it dawned on me that I was back in a place that where I felt comfortable and loved — a place that would always feel like home.  Stepping through the front doors and walking past the various rooms I was so familiar with, I was instantly hit with nostalgia that brought a huge smile to my face.

This was my home away from home, the house where I spent so many hours of my teenage and early adult years, with so many of the people who I love and adore.  Countless memories were made here that will stay in my mind forever, filled with joy, emotion and laughter.  The fun movie nights, crazy sleepovers and huge gatherings, which had the house overflowing with noise.

Despite meaning to visit, I hadn’t been to my home away from home in years, so returning to celebrate the birthday of one of the people I love and call family was the perfect opportunity.  I was surprised to see that so much changed, but much to my comfort, so much had remained the same.

Although time has moved forward and things have changed, the memories I have from that house will forever stay the same — thinking about them will never fail to bring joy to my heart and put a smile on my face.

Really, all I’m trying to say, is that it was nice to be back in a place that felt like home and bask in the good times, which is something that will always cause a sense of happiness to well up within me.


No Place Like Home?

It’s interesting, because no matter how much it may annoy you or how much the weather may frustrate you or how much people bother you, there is no place like home.

While I was away, I seriously began to miss my home, which I had been desperate to get away from just two weeks prior.  It made me realise that one of the better things about getting away is the appreciation it makes you have for home.

However, the weird thing is that when I got back home, I really started to miss Alabama.  In Alabama, the air was clearer, the water was softer and the wider (mainly straight) roads were good for my travel sickness.


I also started to miss little things, like eating at certain restaurants, particularly IHOP (shout out to our awesome waiter Ali!  He’s got skills man), and having Peanut Butter Cap’n Crunch mixed with Reeses’ Puffs for breakfast.


I miss not being able to buy certain American sweets and chocolate (like mint M&Ms) or walk around the beautiful Oakwood University campus.  I really miss the amazing smelling Bath & Body works, and I want to be able to go shopping at the Madison Square mall (known as the dead mall, which I fell in love with).


I enjoyed spending time with family I love so much, but rarely get to see (shout out to my Uncle Keith, Aunty Cynthia, Kaleem, Sheereen, Aisha and Jhanielle), and meeting new people, with lovely bright personalities (shout out to Britney, Matthew, Kojo, Glen and Khyle).  I also enjoyed seeing the friends that I don’t get to see (shout out to Ike, Tori and Alyce!).

It’s funny when you think about the little things you miss about a place, but I know that it is a combination of all these things that makes me want to go back to Alabama.  There is no place like home, but man, does it feel great to get away.

I Love…

I love going shopping and seeing a gorgeous product you never knew you wanted, but just have to buy.

I love going shoe shopping and finding the perfect pair of shoes after a long period of time.

I love mixing up clothing items and finding outfits that shouldn’t go, but actually do.

I love my variety of bomber jackets and I am secretly hoping to buy some more.

I love to sit back and sketch fashion designs in my spare time – in fact, I just love to sketch.

I love art, whether it is viewing art or creating art – painting is definitely one of my favourite art forms.

I love to visit museums and galleries, especially when I have the opportunity to be immersed in the world of exhibitions.

I love that there are so many things to do and see around London.

I love living in my simple South London home.

I love the comfort of my bedroom and the feeling of sanctuary it offers me.

I love waking up to a sun-filled morning with the light shining through the window on my face.

I love when the weather starts to warm up after winter and the heat finally hits.

I love going for walks and feeling the sun hitting the back of my neck or the fresh air blowing on my face.

I love to read books and allow my imagination to run free, as I learn new words and pieces of information.

I love to feed my mind as I carry out research and expand my knowledge.

I love to experiment with food and create various dishes.

I love baking with my sister.

I love watching The Tribe, Strictly Come Dancing and Diagnosis Murder, as they are my favourite TV shows.

I love watching Disney movies, as well as black movies.

I love finding new movies and watching them with my sister.

I love when things turn out to be much better than you expected.

I love looking back on all the good memories I’ve had.

I love…