Being Vegetarian

I love being a vegetarian, I really do.  When people find out I am a vegetarian, they look at me with slight confusion and say “Really”.  Some of my friends still cannot believe that I am a vegetarian and try to tempt me with meat, but it doesn’t work.  I cannot understand why people are so surprised by my dietary choice, especially as there are a growing number of vegetarians at present.

I wasn’t always a vegetarian; I stopped eating meat about seven years and fish a few years after that.  However, I don’t miss eating meat and I never intend to give up my vegetarian lifestyle.  It is a good healthy choice, which I think is the best choice.  I also don’t like the taste of meat very much and I hate the texture of red meat, which makes my decision a lot easier.

I am a very strict vegetarian, which means that I am unable to eat certain sweets, due to the use of gelatin, and some crisps, due to the use of animal rennet or meat powder.  I sometimes miss Haribo, marshmallows and Sensations’ Thyme Chicken flavour crisps, but I have moved past it and there are still a variety of crisps and sweets I can eat.  At least I can still eat my beloved lollipops.

I really enjoy experimenting with vegetarian dishes, so that my meals do not get boring.  I am not a huge fan of soy products, although I do really like Linda McCartney’s sausages, pies, and sausage rolls, vegetarian mince, sausages and burgers, and some Quorn products.  I actually prefer to cook with vegetables and find new ways to make them taste great.

A favourite of mine is egg fried rice or vegetable fried rice, with a side of crispy kale.  I love stir fried vegetables with various accompaniments and I like vegetable pasta that is bursting with flavour.  Cheese-less pizza with various vegetable toppings and vegetarian fajitas are great dinnertime treats.  And an omelette with whatever filling I have at hand at the time is definitely one of my favourite things to cook.

Being a vegetarian is great and cooking a variety of vegetarian meals can be so much fun, as you introduce new dishes into your life.  I just love being a vegetarian and I refuse to turn back.


For some reason, prices continue to rise and rise, which has led to many products becoming overpriced.  I find this rather ridiculous, especially as wages don’t seem to be increasing.

As the price of designer clothing and accessories increases, the prices on the high street also continue to increase at an annoying rate.  Although the quality of products has improved and particular stores have brought out high range lines, I feel that the high street has become overpriced and that bothers me.

However, the quality of some of the products sold on the high street and by high-end designers are not good enough for the prices that they are being sold at.  Yet people continue to buy these products and buy into the hype of the trends, which enables these companies to keep their high prices.

There are a number of other products that are sold at high prices, such as healthy foods, which can make it difficult for individuals to lead a healthy lifestyle.  I don’t understand how our nation can be trying to decrease obesity and champion healthy living, yet the price of healthy living is far too high for many individuals.

It bothers me that so many products are overpriced and I know that prices are not going to fall, which means that situations will not get any easier.  It just gives this world another reason to be all about getting money, but that is another issue for another day.


I love the night.  I would say that I’m definitely more of a night person than a day person, especially as I hate the mornings.  I find the night so much more fun, vibrant and alive.  The night also seems to be when I have most of my brainwaves or get most of my best ideas.

Going out at night can be so much more fun than going out during the day, because of the mixture of people roaming around outside and there a many of them that are willing to interact with you.

The nights spent staying up at sleepovers make up some of my fondest memories, especially when they are mass sleepovers with a large group of friends.  I love watching movie after movie, spending hours talking and making jokes, snacking on junk food and fighting over sleeping arrangements.

And some of the best and most interesting conversations take place at night.  This is the time that you are able to talk to friends who you don’t see during the day or the guy that you like.  It’s the like the setting of the sun allows you to be free and just let go.

Yet as much as I love the night, it does not share that same love for me.  I’m happy to stay up late and I’m perfectly capable of staying awake at the time, but it will hit me hard the next day or the day after that.

I need time to recover from my late nights, otherwise I find myself feeling constantly tired or exhausted.  After too many very late nights, I’ll find myself getting sick and that isn’t particularly something I want.

Although I do love the night, staying up too late is the wrong thing for me and my body.  To be healthier and feel better within myself, I’m starting to go to bed a little earlier, hoping to be tucked up by at least midnight (or maybe 00:30).

Yes, it’s not really an early time but to me it’s not extremely late either.  What can I say?  I do love the night…