Grow Up

Stop Acting like a Boy, Start Living like a Man

Too many guys these days,

Want to be men,

But act like boys.

Trying to play the “big man”,

But can’t step up like a grown man.

Coming with all kinds of disrespect,

Addressing me with “Yo”,

“You alright babes”,

When you know for sure,

Your babes I am not.

If you come to me

In the right way though,

If you really want

To make me your girl,

Then ask me on a proper date,

Take me out,

Treat me like a lady,

To an extent, court me.

I don’t wanna be hearing,

“Come chill with me”,

“When you gonna come see me”?

Because are we friends for us to chill?

And was it I who approached you,

So why must I leave my house

To come to yours,

Under this false pretense,

When we both know

That “chill” really means get intimate,

When that movie we’re supposed to be watching

Suddenly starts watching us.

I’m not trying to be anyone’s temporary plaything,

Messing around,

Having so-called fun,

In a game that’s not going anywhere.

I’m looking for a husband

And looking to be a wife;

I don’t have time to play games.

If you want to date me,

Date me properly,

Come with maturity,

Treat me like the adult that I am.

Think creatively,

Make me feel special,

Show you’re genuinely into me,

Not just my face and my body.

Develop a real friendship with me,

Date me like the adult I am,

Understand it’s time stop acting like a boy,

And time to start living like a man.






Missing the Old Times

As I celebrated the birthday of a friend I’ve grown up with, it was funny to hear many of us say that we missed the old days or wonder how we had all drifted so far apart.

Growing up results in numerous changes, as we all head down different avenues in our life and start doing new things.  Some of us will be more busy than others and some may begin to drift apart, which can lead to broken friendship groups.

However, no matter how far apart or busy we may be, our group will come together to celebrate a birthday, a baby blessing or any other big occasion.  When we need to be there for each other, then we’ll be there for each other and I know that the majority of us will continue that tradition.

One of the best things about being around the huge group of my church friends again was getting jokes and watching their crazy behaviour, which always leaves in me in fits of laughter and then a sore throat.  Being in that upbeat, joyful environment always makes me feel fresh and a lot younger again.

Celebrating with my lifelong friends and reminiscing about old times was definitely the boost I needed and no matter how lonely or strange I may feel, those moments with those people always make me feel good.  I know that they’re going to be a part of my life forever.

We were so alike

It’s funny when you’re a young child and have a one-dimensional view on life. You are still growing up, learning and developing relationships.  You might have a series of arguments with someone or see them as your enemy, and then think that you’ll dislike that person forever.  However, a lot can change as you grow up.

This was the case for me and one of my friends.  We did not get on at all for a long time, instead choosing to fight over another one of our friends, who just happened to be my best friend at the time.  Due to our arguments and mutual dislike of each other, I never thought that we would be friends, but we were eventually able to resolve our differences and strike up  a close friendship. In a funny way, it was the friend we were fighting over who actually led to us becoming friends.

We were alike in so many ways and our taste in boys was uncanny.  It was very likely that we would like the same boy at the same time, but we didn’t spend time fighting over them, although she believes that we did have a disagreement over one guy.  We’d spend a lot of time talking and joking and she actually became one of my best friends over time.

Although we did not remain best friends, she continues to be one of the people that I truly value in my life.  I won’t see her for a long time, but once we’re together, things are just the same as they always were.  I alway know what kind of friendship I’m getting with her and she is one of the people who always manages to make me feel included and comfortable.  She is also one of the funniest, weirdest and wackiest individuals I know, which is probably one of the main reasons why she is my friend.

Some of my best memories have been spent with her and a group of our other closest friends, as we always have a lot of fun when we get together.  I will never forget her mad and funny antics on my 16th, 18th and 20th birthdays, her borrowing my clothes and returning them weekes later and the many boy talks we had together, especially about the lovely Italian boy we both liked (she should know exactly who I’m talking about).

I not only miss time spent with her, but also the time that we spent with all our friends, creating all those great memories.  I love my crazy friend so much and now that I write this, I can see just how much she matters to me.  I have a feeling that we’ll be having boy talks for a very long time.