Dating Simplicity

A follow-up to Stop Acting like a Boy, Start Living like a Man:


You might be thinking

I’m stooch,

Stuck up,

A little full of myself,

Desperate for extravagant dates.

Don’t be getting it twisted,

I’m none of those things,

I just want a bit more

From the man of my dreams.

When I say date,

I’m not talking about fancy restaurants,

West end shows,

Concert tickets,

Or a trip to Paris.

I’m simple,

Not about the big things,

But quality time spent,

Between my man and me.

I’d love watching a sunset,

Late night walks in London,

Eating a bag of chips

On a bench in the sun.

Maybe go to a museum,

See the attractions on South Bank,

Then when we’re for real,

Cook dinner and watch TV

At his house or mine.

I want to talk to my man,

Understand who he is,

Share our interests

And most of all,

Have fun,

Because that’s what real dating

Is all about.

Getting to know someone.


Super Bowl Sunday is Here Again

I can’t believe that Super Bowl Sunday has come back around again, but I am so excited!  I’ve bought my snacks and I’m ready to pig out, get involved in the Twitter conversations and enjoy some good American football.

This should be a really great match up and I hope that this won’t be a repeat of the blowout of last year.  A lot is at stake tonight, with the Seattle Seahawks looking to repeat and the New England Patriots’ quarterback Tom Brady in pursuit of his fourth ring.

The media has not been short of things to talk about in the lead up to this Super Bowl, with deflate gate and the beef between Richard Sherman and Tom Brady.  One thing that the media and everyone else cannot get enough of is the Seahawks’ running back, Marshawn Lynch, who has been delivering classic interviews during the media days.

Not everyone likes Marshawn for his unique style, but I love him and I understand why he’s doing it.  I think the press should just back off.  Check out five of my favourite Marshawn interviews in a piece I wrote for LIVE Mag to get into the Super Bowl mood.

Tonight is gonna be a lot of fun and I hope that the game lives up to all of the hype.  I don’t know who is going to win, but I’m looking forward to see who is going to fight just that little bit harder.  Who have you got winning it all?

A Small Friend

When you’re a small person like me, it always feels nice to spend time with someone that is smaller than you.  However, this is not the reason for me being friends with this individual.  Yes, we are both small people, but we share a bond over creativity and museum visits.

Studying Textiles was my favourite part of my whole A-level experience and it was also one of the best eras of my life – I’ll never forget the two years spent with an amazing teacher and five great ladies, one of who I’m writing about today.  A-level Textiles meant a lot of museum or gallery visits, but they are not always fun when you are on your own or don’t have a complete idea of where you’re going, so my friend and I found ourselves on quite a few visits together.

These visits were always fun and full of laughs, like when her sister almost hit her with an umbrella that she threw down from the balcony of her flat and we spent the day hopping from tube to tube.  We also found ourselves at the British Museum hunting for shells that we thought weren’t there, but we eventually found them on one of our travels.

She was one of my closest friends at sixth form and I loved our times spent chatting during form time.  I also enjoyed our little trips  spent buying birthday presents for our Textiles teacher.  She always had a story to tell and something interesting to add to our conversations – now that I think about it, I really miss hearing her tell those stories.

I am truly grateful for those museum visits, not only because I love museums, but because they enabled me to strike up a strong friendship with someone who really means a lot to me.  Again, I don’t see her nowhere near as much as I would like to, but I hope she knows that I love her loads.