A Cheeky, Great Host

Since I’ve written about three of my Textiles girlies, I think it’s only fair to write about another one of them so that she doesn’t feel left out.  After all, I’ve got a lot of love in my heart for all of them.

This particular individual was in my form throughout my five years in secondary school, and she was also in my Textiles class at GCSE level.  However, I did not strike up a close relationship with her until our famous A-level Textiles classes.

It was during that time that I realised just how funny she was.  She always had some of the most interesting, odd and humorous stories to share with us, which kept us gripped on every word.  She would also come out with some of the funniest statements and do some of the strangest things, which is what makes her character so special.

There is also a cheeky side to her, as she enjoys playing practical jokes and messing around, which sometimes meant that not enough of her work got done.  However, when her work did get done, it looked great.

She is one of the best hosts ever and I have to say that her house is absolutely beautiful.  I’ll never forget when she got her mum to bring in curry and rice for us to eat as a celebratory meal, during one of our last (or maybe it was our last) Textiles lessons.

I love to see her when I can and I love watching her obsession with chillies – it’s hilarious.  I know that she will do well in whatever she does and I hope she can figure out what she really wants soon.  I love her loads.

A Wonderful Way with Words

Yesterday I was having a good old chat with the guy I call my twin.  He gave me some really good advice and he was so sweet as she showed genuine concern for me.  This is someone who just gets me, without me having to say much at all.

Out of everyone I’ve written about so far, my twin is the person I’ve known for the shortest amount of time, but he is one of my closest friends and one of the most special people in my life.  We can talk about anything that’s going on in our lives and it’s cool, because that’s the type of relationship we have.

I remember the first time that I was formally introduced to him and we clicked instantly.  We’d engage in regular conversation and it was never weird – it was like we had been friends for ages.  It’s rare for me to feel that comfortable around someone that quickly, but I guess that’s the power of my twin.

We share a deep bond that never breaks, despite our issues or misunderstandings.  I know that he will always have my back and I will always have his, no matter what, because he is in my heart forever.

Like many of my other friends, I do not see him as much as I want to, and that makes me miss him like crazy.  He is cheeky, funny, odd, entertaining, sweet and full of positive energy.  He never fails to make me smile, laugh or feel encouraged.  His belief in me is amazing.

My twin also has a wonderful way with words – probably because he enjoys reading just like me.  He knows exactly what to say at the right time and he gives me the most beautiful compliments.  His warm, heartfelt speech at my 21st birthday party almost bought me to tears and his words will stay with me forever.

Although we are very similar, my twin and I are very different people who are at different stages in our lives, but our friendship is solid.  He is one of the best, if not the best person, to have in your corner.  I’m just so glad that he came into my life, because I love him to pieces.



A Cheeky, Interesting & Supportive Individual

It’s funny how some of the most meaningful or special relationships in your life can begin in a negative manner.  When your first interaction with someone is a bit on the bad side – which leads you to think the worst of them – your initial reaction is not that you will engage in a close relationship with that person down the line.

This was the case when I first met someone who I now called my brother.  I remember trying to speak to him when we were children, because our dads were friends and I wanted to become his friend, but he ran away from me and gave me a little attitude.

In fact, neither of our initial interactions were entirely positive, but I eventually wore him down with my charm and winning smile (lool, I joke).  My friendly nature, and I guess my persistence, did eventually wear him down though and we finally engaged in proper conversation, which led to us striking up a friendship.

As our friendship continued, I began to see him as not just a friend, but as family and he referred to me as his sister.  He is properly cheeky like  a brother would be, calling me his little sister just because I’m a lot shorter than him, when I’m actually older than him.

He never fails to make me laugh with the things that he comes out with and we can have proper, in-depth conversations.  Funnily enough, he will reprimand me if he feels that I need a telling off, but most of all, I know that he will always be there to support me in whatever is going on in my life.  He’s always offering me advice and I know that he would be there whenever I need to talk.

My brother is another unique individual and one of the most interesting people I know.  I love being around him and I genuinely wish that we had the chance to spend more time together, because he is family after all.  The love I have for him will never fail.