Not Afraid to Say I Love You

I love you.

Eight letters,

Three words,

That I’m not afraid to say.

Some shy away from it,

Or word it in a subtle way;

But I can’t understand why,

Because there’s nothing wrong or shameful

In expressing your love.

Expressing you love

For family,

For friends,

For boyfriends or girlfriends,

For husbands or wives.

My heart is full,

Bursting to the brim

With love.

So full,

That I’m desperate to share it,

Before I burst

Or all my love dries up,

Leaving my heart shrivelled on the floor.

Fullness of love

Can be a beautiful thing,

Spreading joy like stardust,

Putting shining smiles on the faces of others.

Those three simple words

Might brighten a person’s day,

Making the sun come out,

Where once there was darkness.

That fullness of love

Can also be a curse,

As others continuously drink from the well,

Without pouring anything back,

Leaving me empty, used, dried up,

Thirsting for some of the love

I’ve given to those around me.

Yet no matter what happens,

I will never stop saying I love you,

Because those three simple words,

Coated in beauty

Have the power to make a huge difference.





Bursting with Heart

As I was talking to my sister the other day, I saw a photo of the basketball player Joakim Noah during his college days at the University of Florida and all I could say was, “He’s just so gorgeous”.  He looked fresh-faced and of course, full of intensity.  When I told my sister whose picture I was looking at she said, “People are always cussing him” and I think that it is incredibly undeserving, so I made the decision to write a blog post about him.

I’ve got a lot of love for Joakim Noah.  I could simply write that I really love Joakim Noah and I would have said enough, because I have that much love in my heart for him.  He is a player who always makes me smile, whether he is on or off the court, which in my eyes makes him truly special.

People are always quick to call Joakim ugly, which I think is so out-of-order.  So he doesn’t have a perfect face, but neither do the rest of us; besides, there is imperfection in perfection.  I think that Joakim has a lovely face, a sweet smile and most of all, beautiful hair.  His hair is long, flowing and curly, and I love the way he ties it up in a bun on the top of his head when he plays.

However, it is not his face (or tall stature) that makes me love Joakim Noah so much.  It is his drive, his amazing heart and the intensity he brings to the game of basketball.

There are rarely any players in the game today that play with the constant intensity and drive of Joakim.  He brings it to every single game he plays, whether it is the playoffs or the NBA All-Star game.  He is the embodiment of a competitor and he ensures that everyone knows it.

He has been fighting hard for the Bulls to try to win each and every single game they play in the lead-up to the playoffs, especially after the loss of their MVP Derrick Rose and the trading of one of their best players, Luol Deng.  Joakim has emerged as the clear leader of this basketball team.

Yet what I love the most about Joakim is his big, beautiful heart.  When Joakim plays, he is bursting with heart and likes to leave it all on the court, but off the court it is the beauty of his heart that really shines through.

When Luol Deng was traded, it was evident that Joakim was emotionally wounded and that he was going to miss playing with a man who he regarded as his brother.  It was also endearing to read about how he wanted to win not just for his team, but for the Bulls fans.  I was so moved and it was that moment when his place in my heart was solidified.

His big heart also goes hand in hand with humility, which I think is a beautiful quality to have, especially when it comes to sports personalities.  Joakim is currently in the MVP race because of the way he has stepped up when his team has needed him to, but he has said that he does not like to hear the MVP chants.  He believes that there is only one MVP on the Bulls and that is Derrick Rose.  Reading that just made my heart melt.

Joakim Noah is not only a special player, but a special individual, who I love to watch play the game of basketball and express his heartfelt views.  His amazing personality makes him all the more gorgeous and his beautiful hair drives me wild.

I don’t understand why so many people are hating, because I find Joakim so endearing and I think that a lot can be learnt from him.  To sum it all up, I just love Joakim Noah.  Enough said.