A Truly Special and Hilarious Individual

I’ve wanted to write this dedication for a little while now and I feel that today is the day that it needs to be done.  This is a person who I’ve known all their lives (as they’re a few years younger than me) and over that time, he has become a brother.  He is genuinely one of my favourite people.

Of course, our relationship is not perfect and we’ve had our share of arguments, but we’ve always managed to remain friends in spite of it all.  He drives me crazy at times and he can infuriate me, especially when he doesn’t use the amazing potential I know he has, but he never, ever fails to make me smile.

He is  actually one of the funniest people you will ever meet, with an abundance of foolish jokes and ridiculous catchphrases.  He always seems to come up with something new that has me cracking up for a long time.  I think that any one would find him amusing.

His personality is truly special and he has a lot of love to give, especially to those that he has grown up with.  I know that he is going to do really good things some day, because he is so much smarter than he lets on.

So many of my favourite memories include him and I don’t think a month goes by when I haven’t reminisced about something he did and said, which made me laugh.  We’ve celebrated a number of our birthdays together, I’ve enjoyed pizza nights at his house and we’ve had crazy journeys home.

I will never forget him getting a man to dance with him at the bus station and his misery over staying out for my 20th birthday – although he committed to taking photos, the poor thing fell asleep on the bus.

I could probably write a whole series of blogs based on things my brother has said and done, times spent at each other’s houses and just the many memories we’ve shared together.  When I say he is a special person, I definitely mean it.  I have a lot of time for him, because I see the person that so many other don’t see, which is part of the reason why I love him so, so much.

A Cheeky, Interesting & Supportive Individual

It’s funny how some of the most meaningful or special relationships in your life can begin in a negative manner.  When your first interaction with someone is a bit on the bad side – which leads you to think the worst of them – your initial reaction is not that you will engage in a close relationship with that person down the line.

This was the case when I first met someone who I now called my brother.  I remember trying to speak to him when we were children, because our dads were friends and I wanted to become his friend, but he ran away from me and gave me a little attitude.

In fact, neither of our initial interactions were entirely positive, but I eventually wore him down with my charm and winning smile (lool, I joke).  My friendly nature, and I guess my persistence, did eventually wear him down though and we finally engaged in proper conversation, which led to us striking up a friendship.

As our friendship continued, I began to see him as not just a friend, but as family and he referred to me as his sister.  He is properly cheeky like  a brother would be, calling me his little sister just because I’m a lot shorter than him, when I’m actually older than him.

He never fails to make me laugh with the things that he comes out with and we can have proper, in-depth conversations.  Funnily enough, he will reprimand me if he feels that I need a telling off, but most of all, I know that he will always be there to support me in whatever is going on in my life.  He’s always offering me advice and I know that he would be there whenever I need to talk.

My brother is another unique individual and one of the most interesting people I know.  I love being around him and I genuinely wish that we had the chance to spend more time together, because he is family after all.  The love I have for him will never fail.

More Than Blood

As you know, I believe that family is not just about blood or DNA, but that it is so much more than that.  If family was only about blood or DNA, then adoption would not exist or some individuals would be forced to stay with a loveless “family”.

It is said that you can choose your friends but you can’t choose your family; however, I disagree with this statement.  Yes, you obviously choose your friends but you can also choose your family.  You may choose a family because your previous one was doing you harm or you simply might simply want to extend your family unit.

I have mentioned before that I have only one sister whose DNA I share, but I also have a number of other brothers and sisters that I have chosen to become a part of my family network.

One of this siblings is my big brother, D, who is a really special person that I am so glad to have in my life.  He has his flaws like everyone else, but he is one of the most genuine and sincere people I have come across.  With him, what you see is what you get and he does not talk simply for the sake of it.

We did not have the best of starts, but he has fully redeemed himself over the years and I am happy that I know him.  He is hilarious, extremely caring and one of the few people who I feel safe and very comfortable around.

He has shown how much he values me and how much he truly cares on numerous occasions.  He made a real effort when coming to the 21st birthday celebration I shared with my sister for our family.  He said that he wouldn’t have missed my second 21st birthday party for the world.  And a few days ago, he ensured that me, my sister and my friends reached home safely by arranging our cab home.

I am proud to call him my big brother and anyone would be lucky to have him in their life.  You’ll laugh, have great conversation and be well looked after.  I love D so, so much.  How fortunate for me that I was able to choose him as my family.