I Promise

“I promise.”

I hate that phrase.  I despise it, because about 95% of the time, it is pointless, flung out of the mouth of another person probably without them thinking.  In fact, I hate when anyone promises me anything, because it is usually a lie or yet more empty words.

Lies and empty words seem to be points that I am continuously coming back to these days, but unfortunately they are far too common and regularly uttered by individuals.  Why is it so hard to genuinely mean what you say?

Words should measure up with your actions, except that often isn’t the case anymore and I don’t understand why.  It frustrates me, because the words shouldn’t leave your mind if you didn’t mean them in the first place.  I guess it’s my fault though for having some sort of expectation – you shouldn’t expect anything from anyone.  Most have the tendency to let you down.

However, nothing angers me more than people throwing around the word promise and not following through with what they “promised” to do or suddenly switching up on you.  People are way too inconsistent, especially males, and I am freaking tired of it.  Just be who you are, follow through on your words and stop switching up your personality.  I honestly don’t know what to think of some individuals anymore, and I hate that, because then I don’t know how to act around them.

The only promises I can truly trust and believe in are God’s promises, because I know His words are truth.  My God has never switched up on me and I know he never, ever will.  His promises are the only ones that matter and the only ones I can take seriously, because His words have never been empty.


Going Wrong

Its frustrating when something that should be simple and you want to go so right, starts to go unbelievably wrong.  It angers you, messes you up a little and drives you crazy.

Something that should have been going right for me at the right time started to go wrong and I was not only angry and frustrated, but I was really upset because of how important it is to me.

Too often, it feels like when things start to go right for me in my life, someone throws a curve ball that makes a piece of it go wrong and that gets me all out of whack.

However, it just reminds me to keep trusting in God and rely solely on Him, because He’s got my back and I know that He will make everything right.

Life is a learning process and I find myself learning new lessons all the time, but more than anything, I am continuing to learn how important it is to put everything in God’s hands.  I know that He is one person who will never let me down and with Him, my life will definitely go in the right direction.

Screwed Up System

Today, I watched my best friend, who I love with all my heart, get screwed over by the system.  I was totally unimpressed and of course, she was angry, with good reason.

Too often, the system messes up, which can lead to negative effects on the lives of numerous individuals and even send some of them on a downward spiral.

It is the moments like these that create distrust between the system and individuals who are on the outside.  Instead of helping, they make things worse or lead to further problems down the line.

Watching what happened to my friend in court today was a real disappointment and I felt horrible for her.  However, it again showed why people don’t trust the system or the police, and more to the point, why people don’t report crimes to the police.

The system needs to fix up, because it is failing too many individuals, like it failed my best friend today.