Nothing normal about young men getting shot, stabbed & killed

There is nothing normal about young men getting shot, stabbed and killed.  It has become a horrific, frequent occurrence in this country, which many of us are unfortunately not surprised about, but should in no way be a normality.

It is incredibly heartbreaking and distressing – I’m sitting here crying as I write this.  I’m sick of hearing about young lives being unnecessarily taken way too soon, and for the most stupid of reasons.  They had so much more to do and so much more to be, but now they’ll never get that chance and that is one of the saddest things in the world.  The word sad doesn’t even do it justice to be honest, but my mind isn’t let me think of anything else.

My heart and my spirit cannot take it, wanting to do anything I can to make it stop and praying for these young people who are hurting, misunderstood, lost and angry.  We need to be there for them, more than ever before, rather than casting them off and slapping on negative labels that are likely to just make them feel worse.

I desperately want to do more and be more for these individuals.  I want to reach out to them, speak to them, love them and show them that there is another way.  I want them to feel that they matter, and not only have respect for the lives of others, but have respect for their own lives too.

It’s destroying me to see this madness continue day after day, and I never want it to become something that is seen as normal, but I’m afraid that it’s already too late.  If you’re reading this, please remember and share the message that there is nothing normal about young men getting shot, stabbed and killed.

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