Prostitution of Their Names

Is it too much to call you a pimp?

Are my crass words hitting too close to home?

Maybe, not like your actions are illegal,

No sexual favours exchanged;

But immoral, exploiting young souls for your pleasure and gain

Purchased by the American people and beyond.


Would you describe exploiting as overreaching?

I disagree; I’m not here to romance your ego.

You pluck these stars from the abyss,

Forcing them to shine bright for you,

As you squeeze out dollars from every inch of their figures

Stealing from them in plain sight.


What, is stealing too criminal for your liking?

You may not have taken what was theirs,

Since it was never given to them in the beginning.

Running them ragged with your regime,

Simultaneously plucking food from their hands before it reaches their mouths,

Expecting Icarus standards, damned if they fall.


Do you find the term regime off-putting?

What do you expect, as the young put their backs out for free

While you recline back, raking in the millions.

Handing out uniforms and chump change for education

As if that makes up for vacant family faces during their shining moments.

The prostitution of their own names.


Are you going to tell me prostitution is too much now?

I won’t be banned or silenced;

I’m raging with Shabazz Napier on the biggest stage, his roar says everything.

These aren’t slaves for you to master over them,

Abusing their needs, taking advantage of their bodies, ignoring their brains.

It’s time you rehabilitate to show these stars light at the end of the tunnel.

– Shaniqua Marie



  1. A broken system…
    Your words carry a good balance of punch you in the face and call to do better. Very well written but I feel so sad for all that has been lost through the glam.

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