Being Inspired by Young Talent

For me, there is nothing more inspiring than other young people doing great things and making their dreams a reality. There are so many young individuals tapping into their full potential and embracing their brilliance, but it saddens me – no, it angers me – that not enough of it is being highlighted.

We need to make sure that all of the positive things young people are doing is spoken about in the media, rather than focusing on all of the negative.

These are just some of the amazing young people who have been inspiring me recently, and I can’t wait to see what more there is to come from them.

Young people are regularly villainized by the media and it sickens me.  You can be sure that the wrongs committed by youth will be reported, but the good things they are doing are often kept under the radar.  Don’t you find yourself asking why that is?

I feel privileged to know some truly amazing and talented young people, who are doing great things and inspire me.  Unfortunately, not enough noise is being made about them, when everyone should know their names, because they are going to play a part in changing the world and taking it by storm.

dsc_1074On Wednesday 26th October, I was fortunate enough to be one of the people invited to attend 140 BPM, an exhibition celebrating grime music and culture through fine art.  The exhibition was organised and created by 19-year-old Sophia Tassew, an art director at FCB Inferno.

I was lucky enough to…

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