Craving Rest

Silently wishing

The ground would open up,

Swallow me,

Let me sleep and sleep,

Giving me the rest I crave —

The rest from my mind,

The rest from my body,

The rest from this world;

Rest from the tiredness

That covers like a dark cloud,

Continues to consume me,

No matter how hard I try to cut through.

Tired, tired, tired,

I’m frustrated with feeling tired —

Tired of home,

Tired of work,

Tired of people,

Tired of waiting,

Tired of feeling down,

Tired of feeling hurt,

Tired of fighting,

Tired of feeling tired physically.

I want to be whisked away,

Disappearing into thin air,

To a new place

With new faces,

Free to sleep my life away,

And awake,

When I feel ready to fight another day.



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