A Few Words on Colin Kaepernick

I love me some Colin Kaepernick and I love the stand he’s taken for black people in the USA. He’s used his fame for something that matters and shown that he’s more than just a football player, as well as being beautiful both inside and out.

I’m sure if you follow sports or popular culture, then you’ve heard the name Colin Kaepernick being thrown around quite a bit over the past week. That’s because this NFL quarterback, who plays for the 49ers, has begun refusing to stand for the national anthem.

Traditionally, all players stand during the national anthem (although they are not required to, only encouraged), and some place their hands over their hearts (which is also not required).


Kaepernick caused an uproar on August 26th by staying seated as “The Star Spangled Banner” rang throughout the stadium. (He had also stayed seated during the first two exhibition games on August 12th and 20th, but he was not playing and not dressed to play so no one seemed to notice).

imrs On September 1st, Kaepernick took a knee during the anthem

After his first noticeable refusal to stand, the media was quick to criticize (he’s disrespectful! He’s…

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