Following Dreams

I believe it’s incredibly important for young people to follow their dreams, but too often we’re discouraged from doing that. This poem is me encouraging you to follow your dreams.

Young People Insight

As humans,

It’s inevitable that we dream,

Sometimes when we close our eyes to sleep,

Other times when we sit in a daze.

Dreaming dreams that are feasible,

Or dreams that are nonsense,

They are still dreams all the same;

Yet there are some

That can become reality,

That we want to make reality

One day.

Dreams that can be described

As goals or passions,

Or your life’s true purpose;

These are the feasible dreams

That many of us hope to transform

Into reality.

We begin to envision those dreams,

Think more on those dreams,

Try to create that reality in our mind,

Think of what we hope to be,

But how many of us turn those thoughts into action,

Making best use of our time.

Although our mind overflows

With ideas and goals,

We drown out the thoughts

Until they finally go

To the pit of the ocean,

Worth nothing…

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