Young People Share Their Dreams at the YP Insight Forum

It was great to watch some of the young people I love, respect and admire share their stories so far at my youth forum in May. Not only did I learn a lot, but the other young people who attended were inspired and engaged, which I always love to see.

Passion and goals; something inside of you that you want to fulfill; something you hope to be; an imaginary milestone. These were some of the terms used to describe dreams, the focus point of the Young People Insight forum on May 17th.

It only seemed right for us to start by sharing our dreams, which included:

  • Being a fashion designer
  • Happiness
  • Effecting people in a good way
  • Becoming a counselor, marriage therapist or family therapist
  • Becoming a qualified accountant
  • Getting married.

DSC_0783After sharing our about dreams, it was time to hear from the guest speakers for the evening.  First up was Stephanie Kane, who is pursuing her dream of selling art work internationally and opening her own gallery.

Growing up, Stephanie always knew that she wanted “to be an artist of some sort” and that she had “that sort of entrepreneurial spark” in her.  Knowing that she wanted to go into…

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