Send the Rain

Every so often, I hear a gospel song that instantly captivates my heart and sends a huge surge of emotion through me.  I’ll sing the lyrics with passion exuding through my body and if I’m feeling a certain way, hearing that song will bring tears to my eyes.

Right now, that song is Send the Rain by William McDowell, which I think is one of the most powerful, striking songs I’ve ever had the privilege to hear.  Send the Rain is my go-to song at the moment, bringing me a lot of much-needed comfort in the past month.  It is a song that is all about needing God and wanting him to develop the seeds sown in you, taking you to another level in your life, particularly your spiritual life, beginning with the words: “I hear the sound of revival / Deep in the hearts of your people / Send it now, we want it now”.

However, Send the Rain really starts speaking to my heart when the voices sing: “We’re hungry, we’re thirsty for you, we want you / We’re patiently waiting for you, we need you”.  These are lyrics I can empathise with and simply sing as a prayer, because of the strength and simplicity.  It is also the meaning of these words that allows me to sing them as a prayer because I not only need and want my God more than anything, but I need and want Him to mould who I am and do great things in my life.

As the voices sing, “Lord we will wait for you / Cause all we want is you”, Send the Rain builds to a climax and my favourite part of the song, which always makes me want to lift my hands and sing.  I love singing along to the powerful lyrics, “We’ve been praying, we’ve been sowing / Now we’re crying, heaven send the rain”.  There is something so amazing about those small set of words, which sets my heart and soul on fire.  I find myself praying that God will send the rain down to water the seeds sown in me and others who believe in Him, so that we can have as much of an impact on the world as possible and bring more souls to Him.

I know that God can send the rain and create a revival in the hearts of His people, but I’m just praying for that rain to fall on me and cause the seeds that have been sown to grow into a beautiful tree, that will stand firm in what I believe and what I need to do in this world.  I know that there is a whole lot out there for me to do and countless ideas I have that need to be brought to life, but for some reason I continue to shy away from it, and that is what causes so many tears to fall from my eyes.

I cannot allow myself to shy away from my purpose anymore and I need to sow some seeds of my own, so that the people I come into contact can have the opportunity to get to know the Lord that I love.  So Lord, right now I’m crying “Heaven send the rain.”



  1. wishing you the quiet inner movement inside to nurture the ideas that are coming through you.
    each day is an opportunity to tend to these idea/dreams. and each day is all we have.
    blessings on your journey

  2. Hey sis,
    Thank you so much for opening your heart and making yourself vulnerable to us all. I know your original post was over two years ago and there’s probably been many songs since which have also deeply impacted you, but I thought I’d comment on this oldie but goodie (song and blog post)! So as I type, I’m currently en route home from the airport and whilst on the plane, I had fallen asleep and suddenly awoke to the plane landing pretty abruptly on the runway. Once over the shock of the pilot’s ‘interesting’ landing skills, the following lyrics from this song quickly flooded my consciousness: “we’ve been praying, we’ve been sowing now we’re crying heaven send the rain”. It’s actually pretty common that I will wake up from sleep/rest to find God has put a song in my heart. Oftentimes it’s a ‘random’ one like this which I’ve not heard in months. But there’s ALWAYS a reason for that particular song.
    I’m on a personal journey to discover what true revival (in our churches and hearts) look like, so I decided to look online and see if anyone has anything to say about these lyrics and what connection to reviva it’s has- it was then I came across your blog post.
    A) I don’t consider this a confidence by any means
    B) Your shared thoughts about backing away from letting God use you, were almost as if someone was writing my very thoughts! I personally know of the overwhelming feelings which can take over you when you realise the almighty sovereign God wants to use little ‘ol you! But I’m now coming into a place of acceptance and allowing myself to be vulnerable to God so He can truly have His way in me. Not gonna lie, it’s not easy to let go of your own understanding and human reasoning but I’ve no doubt what lies ahead supersedes our thoughts on what is to come.
    Greater things are on the way sister! It’s a little scary, but rather than bad scary, it’s that life changing, excitable kind of amazing which can only come as a result of joining with God to bringing His kingdom to earth.
    I trust you’re doing well and God is continuing to use you for His glory!
    I apologise for the long message, but it’s a long journey home from the airport and a lot on my mind to share! I think I better stop here!
    God bless, B

    1. Hello B,
      Thank you so much for taking the time to share and letting me know you feel the same way as me, that always means a lot. I appreciate your kind , supportive words. Since writing this post, God has been using me a lot more and is continuing send the rain to enable me to grow. I am still a work in progress, but I am moving forward and that is only through God’s will. I hope you reached home safely on the airport and that God is continuing to use you.
      Blessings and love to you, Shaniqua

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