Discussing Employment at the Young People Insight Forum

Employment is an issue of high importance in the lives of so many young people, so it was great to have a discussion about it during my youth forum last month.

There were so many interesting points raised and it forced me to think about some things differently as well.

“I hear working, just working… Employment means work,” said Darnell, during this month’s Young People Insight forum.

Employment was the discussion point for February, following the feedback received at the first forum last month.  It was about us delving deeper into the barriers young people face when seeking employment and thinking about the possible ways we could relieve those pressures.

Photo by @ChineloChizea and used with permission. Photo by @ChineloChizea and used with permission.

When sharing our initial thoughts on the term employment, responses varied from income to working for yourself.  Yet what sparked my attention was how the direction of the conversation soon turned to feelings about money itself and how a lack of it could lead to feelings of depression – “I think it’s life in general,” said Andrae.

This led to a great point being made by Alana, who said: “If you’re going to work and do a job, make sure it’s…

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