Hosting the First Young People Insight Forum

Two weeks ago, I had the pleasure of hosting my first youth forum for anyone aged 16-25. Through this platform, I intend to empower the voices of young people and make real change. This is a little about what was discussed.

On Tuesday 19th January, I hosted the first Young People Insight forum in Project B.  I came together with a group of young people who were willing to use their voices and speak out on what mattered to them.

As it was the initial meeting, my main focus was on discovering what issues were most important to each individual and what they wanted from Young People Insight.  This enabled me to get an idea of what plans I should be putting in place and what we should be discussing going forward.

Photo by @ChineloChizea and used with permission. Photo by @ChineloChizea and used with permission.

When I posed the question on what issues each young person was passionate about, I was met by a variety of answers that generated some interesting discussions.  Issues raised included:

  • Youth encouragement
  • Bullying and youth violence
  • Knife crime
  • Youth mentoring
  • Social mobility
  • Promoting health and well-being among vulnerable communities
  • Tackling poverty…

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