Launching My Short Film: ‘What Would You Say?’

As you know, I made a short film with Fixers and last month I held a launch, which gave me hope going forward for developing my youth organisation. This is a little taster of what went down.

As you know, last week I launched the short film I made with youth charity, Fixers, in my hometown of Croydon, where the film was also shot back in September.  There was a good turnout, as we enjoyed an intimate gathering in Project B to watch the film and engage in discussions.


The reaction to the film was great, better than I could have hoped for, and it definitely seemed to get people thinking, as a lively discussion followed.  In fact, people got so into the discussion that it was hard to stop it, which was a real positive for me, as I saw that I could definitely go further with this.

We spoke about the topics of sexual exploitation, various aspects of education and knife crime, amongst other things.  Yet what was interesting was that we regularly came back to the need for all of the community to…

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