people react to being called beautiful

These are exactly my thoughts. There is so much beauty in the world that we are ignoring and missing out on.

life in color

Shea Glover was a student at Chicago High School for the Arts. She conducted an independent project, eventually turning into a social experiment, revolving around the idea of beauty.  The video spreads a positive message through building self-esteem and recording the reactions of how people felt when they were called beautiful.

This video is quite inspiring. Everyone is beautiful in their own unique and wonderful way. If everyone realized how much beauty they had inside of them, the world would be a much more positive place. So many young people have an unrealistic definition of beauty constructed by what they see on television through popular culture. Beauty steams so much deeper than that, and is not defined by one specific measurement.

If you see someone who you believe is a beautiful person, let them know. You never know when it will make their day!

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