Tired of TV

I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m getting tired of TV these days.  So much of it is becoming stale and boring, veering away from its original story or increasing entertainment simply for the purpose of banter.  There’s nothing wrong with a show evolving or changing direction, but not at the expense of why the viewers enjoyed the show in the process.

I’ve watched so many entertainment dramas fail, because they forgot what the purpose of the show was and tried to make it into something else entirely, leading to utter confusion.  Revenge was ridiculous and kind of terrible by the final few seasons and I don’t even know where Scandal is at now — I’ve only watched the first episode of the current series, because I forget it’s on.  And although One on One was more a comedy drama, its final season was abysmal, because it strayed so far away from the show’s main concept and lost its best characters.


Then there are the shows that go on for far too long and lose the plot entirely.  Gossip Girl was pathetic by the end, considering the show started strongly, and I was so over the constant boyfriend and girlfriend swapping.  Glee was a special show when it first came about, but it got lost and incredibly stupid, particularly after the untimely death of Cory Monteith.  Although I usually enjoy watching it, I’ve found that The Big Bang Theory has been going for too long and they need to end it sooner rather than later.  More shows need to learn to quit while they’re ahead — even though I knew I would miss Nikita, I also knew the show was ending at exactly the right time.

I find myself “watching” a lot of TV shows, but actually being more interested in the Twitter comments and interactions, rather than the show itself, which shows how boring they’ve become.  This weekend was clear proof of that, as I sat down to watch the final of two television shows I look forward to each year.

On Saturday night, it was the turn of the Strictly Come Dancing final.  Strictly has been one of my favourite television shows for many years now, but over the past three years it has started to lose its sparkle for me.  The show has become less about teaching a celebrity how to dance, but more about getting the best dancers possible and watching them compete as if dancing is their profession.  The weaker celeb dancers, who are voted out earlier, are more entertaining and lovable than most of the celebs who go further in the competition, which can make the show frustrating to watch.

I’ve not had much of a liking or care for the couples that have gotten to the final in the past three years, with my favourites being voted out in the earlier weeks or the semi final, which makes the final less enjoyable.  However, this weekend’s final was straight up boring.  Considering the calibre of dancers, the routines were not that impressive and the judges were a little irritating, like they have been all season.

Strictly Come Dancing

Then on Sunday night, there was the final of The Apprentice, which I found ridiculously boring — I missed quite a few chunks of show and I simply didn’t care to catch up.  I’ve been sceptical about this season of The Apprentice anyway, as I’ve found the candidates more stupid than ever before (which I’m sure is for banter) and it’s disgusted me to see Karren Brady turn into an awful witch.  Her snide comments, big mouth and purposeful humiliation has been unnecessary.  Lord Sugar’s attitude and poor jokes were bad enough, but she has just taken it to another level.

I’m watching Empire lose control, turning more and more into a black Dallas, which is the last thing anyone needs.  How to Get Away with Murder is entertaining at the moment, but crazy and full of irritating characters — I hope Shonda Rhimes doesn’t keep this show going on for too long like she has done with Scandal.  And as much as I love me some Neighbours, if it keeps on pointlessly messing around with character relationships and going down a route filled with weirdos, criminals and annoying hypocrites, I’m gonna have to stop watching that as well.

Most TV annoys or bores me now, but I guess that’s a good excuse to pour more of my time into something constructive.  The most entertaining thing for me now is basketball, more specifically college basketball, which provides real life drama and I love that.  I’m just tired of all the fabricated, drawn out, over the top, fake drama TV provides.





  1. Omg! Thank you! Series that ended for a reason are being brought back those I loved but don’t care about any more (Greys Anatomy) They make the decision to cut down on TV so much easier

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