Changing the Perception of Young People

Seeing some of the things that young people do horrifies me, shocks me, frustrates me, angers me.

Yet seeing some of the things that other young people do inspires me, motivates me, puts a smile on my face and brings joy to my heart.

There is a balance of the good and bad shown by young people, but this balance is often outweighed by the negative, which is extremely unfair. We need to do what we can to change the perception of young people.

This week, I was shocked and disgusted when I saw the headline about a teenager caught on CCTV punching an 87-year-old woman in the face on a bus.  I was then disappointed and slightly taken aback by the story of two teenage girls ripping down a poppy display, just hours before Remembrance Day.

The blatant lack of respect and disregard shown by these teenagers is astounding and infuriating to a young person like myself, who wants young people to be seen in the best possible light.  However, news stories like this, alongside all of the reported stabbings, violent crimes and other acts of antisocial behaviour make it difficult to change the perceptions of young people.

Lack of respect among young people is a major concern, shown by the worrying level of disrespect they have their elders, their peers and ultimately for themselves.  In fact, it seems to get…

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  1. I understand you. I went through decades, districts and a lot of attitudes and sometimes it was not about respect. Rather are you going to leave? Why are you here? Who are you? ETC. I have had to with pain all over reduce a captain to a nobody, treat them like family and I saw results as I knew people and athletes as opposed to many schools looking to cut teams and cause scholarships. I am happy of the bonds I caused by even bad friction and through their later successes and failures. But now kids have this this I will not hit unless I got 8 ppl behind me (or if they are out of they’re mind) and will not even look you in the face. IDK which soap opera or teenie bop epi I missed with this ploy and I have a good 50 adults dealing with kids (coaches, teachers, managers and more) acting like they are grown and that is even dealing with the king of the house babay the “manager making 10 an hour) when you are doubling it easily. It is scary and we have seen a real real bad year of police and ignorance and the terrot stuff added. Everyone is scared and a normal person might just beat someone up. It is sad indeed

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