Dating Simplicity

A follow-up to Stop Acting like a Boy, Start Living like a Man:


You might be thinking

I’m stooch,

Stuck up,

A little full of myself,

Desperate for extravagant dates.

Don’t be getting it twisted,

I’m none of those things,

I just want a bit more

From the man of my dreams.

When I say date,

I’m not talking about fancy restaurants,

West end shows,

Concert tickets,

Or a trip to Paris.

I’m simple,

Not about the big things,

But quality time spent,

Between my man and me.

I’d love watching a sunset,

Late night walks in London,

Eating a bag of chips

On a bench in the sun.

Maybe go to a museum,

See the attractions on South Bank,

Then when we’re for real,

Cook dinner and watch TV

At his house or mine.

I want to talk to my man,

Understand who he is,

Share our interests

And most of all,

Have fun,

Because that’s what real dating

Is all about.

Getting to know someone.




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