Stop Acting like a Boy, Start Living like a Man

Too many guys these days,

Want to be men,

But act like boys.

Trying to play the “big man”,

But can’t step up like a grown man.

Coming with all kinds of disrespect,

Addressing me with “Yo”,

“You alright babes”,

When you know for sure,

Your babes I am not.

If you come to me

In the right way though,

If you really want

To make me your girl,

Then ask me on a proper date,

Take me out,

Treat me like a lady,

To an extent, court me.

I don’t wanna be hearing,

“Come chill with me”,

“When you gonna come see me”?

Because are we friends for us to chill?

And was it I who approached you,

So why must I leave my house

To come to yours,

Under this false pretense,

When we both know

That “chill” really means get intimate,

When that movie we’re supposed to be watching

Suddenly starts watching us.

I’m not trying to be anyone’s temporary plaything,

Messing around,

Having so-called fun,

In a game that’s not going anywhere.

I’m looking for a husband

And looking to be a wife;

I don’t have time to play games.

If you want to date me,

Date me properly,

Come with maturity,

Treat me like the adult that I am.

Think creatively,

Make me feel special,

Show you’re genuinely into me,

Not just my face and my body.

Develop a real friendship with me,

Date me like the adult I am,

Understand it’s time stop acting like a boy,

And time to start living like a man.







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