The Recurring Problem

It’s frustrating that unemployment continues to be a recurring problem among young people. This poem expresses that.

Unemployment.   A recurring problem,

Showing no sign of going away,

No matter what you might hear them say.

Youth unemployment figures,

Yo-yoing up and down,

But not actually telling the full story,

Not revealing the full extent of the problem.

Young people like hamsters,

Running round and round in a wheel,

Asking for experience, but first needing experience,

So getting none and getting nowhere,

Whirling around in their feelings of despair.

Some have graduated,

Holding a rolled up piece of paper that serves no purpose;

Some haven’t thrived in education,

Hiding skills they’re not given a chance to show.

In need of that money,

Some youth find themselves in the Job Centre,

Having to take money from the system,

That may have screwed them over.

A depressing experience,

Usually making them feel worse,

When advisors make you feel it’s your fault,

That you can’t find work.

Instead of being helpful…

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