My Top 5 Books of the Bible

I filled you in on my Top 5 Books on Thursday, and today it’s time for my Top 5 Books of the Bible.  I love getting into the Bible, reading amazing stories of past figures in history, being encouraged by the inspiring words and learning many great lessons from the God who knows what’s best for me.  So here they are, my Top 5 Books of the Bible.


5. James

I became properly acquainted with the book of James over the past year or two, when I studied it during one of the quarters for my Sabbath School lesson.  More than that, I also wrote a segment for one of the day’s in the study guide, which was a great achievement for me.  James is an insightful and down-to-earth book, full of messages that are extremely relevant to all of us today and lots of references to faith in action, which I love and value a lot.


4. Hebrews

I enjoyed studying Hebrews a little while ago, as it gave me a greater perspective on Jesus as our High Priest.  However, the main reason why I love the book of Hebrews is because of its eleventh chapter, which is my overall favourite chapter in the Bible.  Hebrews 11 is known as the faith chapter, outlining numerous Biblical figures and the great faith they had in God.  It inspires and encourages me every time I read it.


3. Genesis

I love the book of Genesis, because it is full of so many great stories.  This includes the story of Joseph, which is one of my ultimate favourites, rising from adversity at every turn because of his belief and strength in God.  I also love reading the story of Creation, Noah and the ark, and the different stages of Abraham’s life.  It’s also interesting to read about how sin entered the world and that God had a plan in place to save us from the beginning.


2. Matthew

Matthew is an amazing book, full of amazing messages and amazing words by Jesus.  I loved the many parables Jesus told and how he always had a sharp, witty comeback when the Pharisees tried to trap Him.  Yet what I love most is the Sermon on the Mount, found in Matthew 5-7, which I think are some of the best passages in the Bible.  Reading Matthew was a special experience that really touched me and made me appreciate Jesus even more.


1. Esther

Number one has to be Esther.  The story of Esther is my most favourite in the Bible, reading about the beautiful virgin queen who God put in the right place, at the right time, and was able to save her people.  The story of a strong woman in Biblical times is incredibly inspiring to me, especially as women do not always play a prominent place in the Bible.  I’ve read this book numerous times and I never, ever get tired of it, because I love the story that much.


There you have it, my Top 5 Books of the Bible and my final Top 5 post in this little series I’ve done.  Thank you for taking the time to read, like and give your feedback on all of the pieces I’ve written.  I just hope you enjoyed them and were able to learn a little more about me, what I like and what makes me tick.  But before I go, tell me, what are your favourite books of the Bible?




  1. An interesting take! Only five, eh? Genesis, of course, has so much of the dramatic base — Adam and Eve, the Great Flood, Jacob’s soap opera. But no Psalms or Isaiah? Either one could be a complete “Bible” alone. I’d go for the Gospel of John, for its Logos dimensions, especially. And the Song of Songs, for the outright (and apparently clandestine) passion.
    But would the top five still be the same a week or month from now? Maybe I’d be back to Job by then …

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